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Mr Muzafar

Do you want to know what Qadianis were doing in Pak Army?
The aim of Qadianis, with few exceptions, in the army is to sabotage the Pakistan
They are a bunch of hypocrites who on the one hand endorse the writings of Mirza
Ghulam, and abrogate the jehad done in the way of Allah but on the other hand, to
achieve the objectives of their jamaat, they enroll in the army of Pakistan. They
tried to achieve their aim by pushing Pakistan into a fruitless war with India at
least on two occasions. In 1965 they tried their best for balkanisation of Pakistan
so that they dream of Qadiani Khalifa and prophecies of Mirza be fulfilled and they
can return to Qadian.

During the September War, Qadianis prepared special tracts which highlighted the
prophecies of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Mirza Mahmud regarding the destiny of Kashmir.
It was stated with optimism that God had already made the future events known to his
Promised Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his loving son Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud,
Khalifa of the community and "the present events could be seen against the
background of these prophetic utterances." (Majuda Halat Aur Baaz Khudai Nawishtay,
(Present Events and Some Heavenly scriptures) Shoba-Islah-o-Irshed, Jamat Ahmadiyya,
Karwan Press Rawalpindi, October, 1965)

It was further claimed on the basis of these prophecies that God revealed to Mirza
Mahmud the occurrence of Sino-Indian border clashes nine year ago (1956) and the
entry of Pak forces into India eight years ago. These Heavenly signs have been
fulfilled now. (Ibid)

Mirza Mahmud was on the death bed at the time of September War. He suffered from
numerous diseases and was almost insane. It was Mirza Nasir Ahmad his heir apparent,
Sir Zafarullah, M.M. Ahmad and small group of army officers which worked behind the

The Qadiani tract (Present Events and Some Heavenly Scriptures) prepared for wider
circulation in Azad Kashmir and the Indian-held Kashmir predicted a triumphant
return of Ahmadis to Qadian through Kashmir (Italic added). The political
aspirations of Ahmadi elders couched in the elliptical language of dreams and
visions are reflected in between the lines:

1.Some dreams and visions of the Promised Messiah, 28 April, 1905: Clear Victory; I
will come to thee with My Army (Tazkira, Book of Revelations and Dreams of Mirza
Ghulam Ahmad , P.539)
2.Shastri's prophecy turned out false (29 April 1905), (Tazkira P.539) Shasti
referred to in the prophecy is Lal Bahadur Shastri, the Indian Prime Minister. His
claim of capturing Pakistan and Kashmir proved false. (Maujuda Halat P.4 See Also
Shashtaris Paish Goi, Ahmadiyya Anjuman, Lahore 1965)
3.Return to Qadian: On 9 November 1898, I (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani) in a dream
saw that I was coming into Qadiani but it was very dark and it was difficult to find
the way. I walked along anyhow and some secret power seemed to guide me until I
reached Qadian. I saw the mosque which is now in possession of the Sikhs. Then I
walked along the Street which come straight from the quarter of the Kashmiris. I
felt much troubled and feared I might lose my senses. I was repeating Lord, manifest
Thyself. Lord, manifest Thyself. My hand was in the hands of a lunatic and he also
repeated my supplication.....Then I saw two dogs a black and a white one, a man who
cut their paws. Afterwards it revealed to me' You are the best Ummah ordained for
the wellbeing of the people;(Tazkira, P.838)
4.Three more revelations of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad were cited to prove that god would
help (Ahmadis) return to Qadian. (Maujuda Halat, PP,6-7)
5.The tract cited an address of Mirza Mahmud entitled India, China and Kashmir
Problem which he delivered on 28 December 1956 at Rabwah. In that address he
predicted that, with the American assistance, Ahmadis would be able to return to
Qadian. In the words of Mirza:

'India will face a danger from the North and the East. It would not be able to
withstand it despite having power. It would lose Russian sympathies too. Pray to
God; Never think that our Government is weak or we are weak. I see God's finger
pointing to it, God will provide a
chance whereby Russia and its allies would leave India and America would be
constrained to take urgent steps for the fear that Russia and its allies might not
intervene. Hence you need not be disappointed. Trust in God. God will create
favorable conditions for you. Do not you see Jews had waited for 1300 years and
ultimately occupied Palestine. But you wait for 1300 years. It is possible that you
may not have to wait for 13 years or even 10 years and God would shower His
blessings upon you. (Maujuda Halat, PP.6-7)
6.On the basis of yet another dream of Mirza Mahmud (which appeared in daily AlFazl
dated 30 May, 1957) the entry of Pak forces into India was described as a Heavenly
sign and harbinger of happy news to the Ahmadiyya Community.' (Ibid P.10)

Qadianis plan to return to Qadian after the 'balkanization' of Pakistan miserably
failed mainly due to bold resistance of Pak Army to defend their motherland.

(Ahmadiyya Movement - British Jewish Connection by Basheer Ahmad)

This is the role of these 15000 Qadianis in Pakistan Army.


Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz wrote:

> Rashid schrieb:
> > Mr Zaid
> >
> > Amazing that on the one hand your prophet is said to have abrogated Jehad, and
> > then on the other hands these 15000 Ahmadis/Qadianis entered and gave services
> > to the Pakistan Army, many of them sacrificing their lives and getting the
> > title of 'Shaheed'. How can a person get the title of shaheed, if he does not
> > believe in Jehad?
> >
> Have you read the Book of Hazrat Masih Maood " Jesus in Indian" well read it and
> you know what Jehad is( and I am sure there is also other Books of him where he
> explain about Jehad), and after this you know why 15000 Ahmadie Muslims join the
> Army, I wish I could be there too, and come to those persons who are Shaheed.

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