[qadianism] Re: I need some answers [Resubmitted]
By umaraadil @excite.com

I think that you may be misunderstanding the qadiani's argument on this
point. Or maybe I am. This is entirely conceivable, since their arguments
change from day to day.

As I understand it, having been already defeated on the issue of mirza's
"prophethood", the qadianis are claiming that Prophet Isa (A.S.) died and
his spirit was "reincarnated" into mirza. So they would accept that Isa
(A.S.) will return, but they do so in a way that avoids discussion of the
many circumstances surrounding his return, such as his descension on the
wings of angels. These qualifications leave mirza completely out of the

By claiming that Isa (A.S.) died, the qadianis seek to avoid the logical
consequences of their refusal to accept the hadiths regarding the return of
Isa (A.S.).

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999 15:39:45 -0500, Suheil Laher wrote:

> Farhan,
> We believe Jesus is still alive.  However, the primary point of
> contention
> with Qadianis is not whether he died or not, but rather whether he is
> coming
> back.  There are various evidences which state, or otherwise indicate,
> that
> he did not die. But, even if it were postulated that he did die, this
> still
> cannot be used to disprove his return, because the evidence for his
> return
> is overwhelming.
> Was-salam `alaa man ittaba` al-hudaa
> - Suheil

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