[qadianism] Re: Mr. Aladdin, Farhan
By Irshad @irshad.org

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Farhan Qureshi wrote:

> Dear Mullah Irshad,
> The Ukht was trying to make a point that I myself can-not trying to
> answer the best I can. Not All Ahmadi Muslim in this discussion. so
> please unstead of jumping to conlcusions trying to make me or other
> Ahmadis look bad focus on what is being said. Shukraan,

There are at least 70 Ahmadis on this forum, dear Farhan.  There
are at least 1000 people (I assume some Ahmadis) who also have
been reading the postings.  Is it not disturbing that no one
bothers to provide quotes or answer to our follow up questions?

I wonder if any of them have actually read the original writings
of Mirza Ghulam and his associates, or are they simply blindly 
following whatever they have learnt from their prior generations?!

Of course, my intent was not to put you or others down, but to 
highlight this huge problem.  For the record, we do have several
Qadiani missionaries and even the webmasters (present and former)
of Qadiani web sites on this forum. I would expect someone to have
clarified the position.

As I stated, not all Ahmadis are 14, so the response provided by 
the sister can not be accepted.

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