[qadianism] Re: Mr. Aladdin, Farhan
By Irshad @irshad.org

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz wrote:

> Irshad schrieb:
> > Dear sister, certainly not all Ahmadis are 14!!!
> >
> Of cource not, then say it clear you are fearing to discuss with Brother
> Farhan, even he is young, but he answers always your questions so where is the
> problem.?

Dear br. Shiraz,  Let us remember that this forum is not called
"let's show Farhan (or anyone else) wrong".  Unfortunately, br.
Farhan, and other posters, have been avoiding the issues that are
critical to the very essense of Qadianism.  Those are the actual
claims, evidence, writings, and character of the very founders 
and leaders of the Mission.

So far, no one has been willing to share with us the "wisdom",
"proofs", and "arguments" of the Qadiani leaders directly. Even
when they quote arguments used by Qadiani leadership, they refuse
to give credit where it is due and implicate those who truly
advanced such ideas against Allah(SWT) and His Messenger(SAW).

Why should I, or anyone else, spend much time arguing with br.
Farhan or other Qadianis on what they would like us to think is
their personal opinion?  If Qadianism is so empty that the personal
opinion of individual Qadianis (or even a 14 year old) are better 
than those of all their leaders and founders, then I believe the 
repeated refusal by the Qadiani posters to provide further 
clarification, quote their leaders, or implicate others is enough
response for every reasonable individual.

Let's just say: when we see them respond to follow up questions
about their allegations, then we will bother to respond to every
one these unfounded claims.

In the meanwhile, we have already seen evidence of the deceptive
way of Qadiani leaders and senior Missionaries.  Those who are
blessed with an average prudence will realize that the rest of
these so called "arguments" are based on similarly worthless

Ultimate Success is with Allah(SWT) and may Peace and Blessings
of Allah(SWT) be upon His Last Prophet, Muhammad(SAW), his
family, companions, and sincere followers till the Day of Judgment.

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