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How Can You See if a Qadiani (Ahmadi) is Truthful in his Faith

Conduct this little experiment to see if a Qadiani (Ahmadi) truly believes in and adheres to the revelations and example set by his so called prophet, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani:

  1. Borrow $10,000 from him;
  2. A few days later, return $1,000 to him and claim you are even, since there is only a "dot difference" between what you borrowed and what you are returning!
  3. If he accepts the money and calls you even, he is a faithful Qadiani;
    if he demands the rest, he is not following the example of his "prophet"!


Mirza Ghulam Qadiani collected a large sum of money from investors who retained his services to publish 50 (fifty) books. Mirza Ghulam only published 5 (five) books and refused to refund the advance for the remaining books! His explanation was:

"This is the same Braheen-e-Ahmadia, which has already been published in 4 (four) volumes. The fifth volume has been now published. It was earlier promised to publish 50 (fifty) volumes, but they are to be content with only 5 (five), instead of the 50 (fifty) we promised. Since there is only a dot difference between 5 (five) and 50 (fifty), with these 5 (five) our promise has been fulfilled."
      (Preface, Braheen-e-Ahmadia, Vol. 5, Page 7;
       Preface, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 21, Page 9)


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