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Deception by Any other Name

The heirs of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani's fortune are attempting to mislead the humanity by using the name, teachings, and images of Islam.

The Qadiani leadership's selection of the name "Ahmadiyya" for their cult represents their first attempt at deception. They do not mention the reason behind their insistence to be called "The Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam": It is simply an attempt at deception on their part.

Muslims know that Ahmad is one of the names of the last prophet of Allah(SWT), Muhammad(SAW) of Arabia. Mirza Qadiani’s parents named him Ghulam-Ahmad, which means the Slave of Ahmad. Apparently, his parents were following a very common practice by naming their son after the last Prophet(SAW). Mirza’s complete name was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani.

According to the Indian tradition, the followers of Mirza Qadiani are expected to call themselves Mirzais or Qadianis to indicate a closeness to their leader. Obviously, their selection of the middle name of their spiritual leader is against the norm and is intended to somehow associate the ideas of the Mirza with the name of our beloved Prophet, Muhammad(SAW) of Arabia.

The heirs of Mirza Qadiani justify their claim by referring to a cunning alteration of the meaning of the Holy Quran. In his interpretation, Mirza Qadiani claimed that the verse "Whose name shall be Ahmad" [The Holy Quran, As-Saff 61:6] -- foretelling the arrival of Prophet Muhammad(SAW) -- actually refers to him! In fact, taking advantage of his middle name, Mirza Ghulam and his followers have twisted the meaning of the Holy Quran and claimed prophethood for their leader.

Muslims everywhere are reminded to call the followers of Mirza Qadiani solely as "Qadianis". The use of the name "Ahmadi" – founded on deception and misrepresentation of the Holy Quran is injustice to Islam – and following a false prophet is forbidden (Haraam) upon the believers.


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