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False Prophecies of a False Prophet

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani's predictions on Mubarak Ahmad

(All references are from Qadiani books)

On June 14, 1899, Mirza Ghulam's wife gave birth to a baby boy, whom they called "Mubarak Ahmad".  Within a few days of the birth of this son, Mirza Ghulam declared:

"This lad is indeed a Spark of the Light of Allah, the promised reformer, the owner of greatness and authority, possessor of healing breath like the Messiah, curer of diseases, a word of God and a lucky person.  His fame will spread to the four corners of the world, he will set prisoners free and through him all nations will be blessed."
   (Tiryaq-ul-Qulub, P. 43)

In 1907, when he was only eight years old, this boy fell ill.  Concerned that all these prophecies were linked to the livelihood of the boy, Mirza Ghulam had the best treatment available administered to the boy.  The boy recovered from his illness and, on August 27, 1907, Mirza made the following statement:

"God has revealed to me that He has accepted the prayer and the illness is cured.  It means that God has accepted my prayer and Mubarak Ahmad will get well."
    (Badr, August 29, 1907)

No sooner had he attributed this statement to Allah(SWT), that Mubarak Ahmad fell ill again and died, on September 16, 1907.  (Sirat-ul-Mehdi, P. 40; Alfadl, October 30, 1940)

Mirza's false statements were once more exposed.  Obviously, Mirza Ghulam was attributing falsehood to Allah(SWT).


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