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False Prophecies of a False Prophet

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani's predictions on Son to a Follower

(All references are from Qadiani books)

Manzoor Muhammad, one of the close followers of Mirza Ghulam, informed him that his wife had conceived.  Upon hearing this, Mirza Ghulam stood up and announced:

"We saw in a dream that a son was born to Manzoor Muhammad.  We asked about his name.  The state of the dream changed into the state of revelation.  It was said: 'Bashir-ud-Daula' (the harbinger of kingdom).  But, I do not know what is meant by Manzoor Muhammad."
  (Review of Religions, P. 122, March 1906)

Obviously, Mirza Ghulam was learning from his prior failed attempts at making prophecies.  By suggesting that 'Manzoor Muhammad' would have been another individual, he had left room to save face.  However, Allah(SWT)'s plan was to expose Mirza Ghulam's untruthfulness once more and give his followers another sign that they had been diverted from the right path.  Only four months later, Mirza Ghulam once again announced:

"We have been informed that it is this same Manzoor Muhammad specified in the revelation. A son will be born to him from his current wife and he will be named 'Bashir-ud-Daula'.  It is possible that the boy is not born of this pregnancy but from the next.  It is, however, inevitable that he will be born, as he is the sign of God..."
  (Review of Religions, June1906)

"I received revelation that ... Manzoor Muhammad and his wife shall have a son whose name shall be 'Bahir-ud-Daula'."
  (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 22, P. 103)

Once again, Mirza Ghulam had tried to make his prophecy failure proof by suggesting that the boy might be born in a subsequent pregnancy.  However, he planned and Allah(SWT) also planned, and Allah(SWT) is the best of planners.  Unknowingly, Mirza Ghulam had planted the seed which would expose his falsehood once more.

In July 1906, Manzoor Muhammad's wife gave birth to a daughter.  Stubbornly, Mirza Ghulam prophecised:

"Manzoor Muhammad's wife shall not die unless she gives birth to this noble son and until the prophecy is fulfilled."
  (Review of Religions, June 1907)

Once again, he was shown to be fabricating lies against Allah(SWT).  Indeed, Manzoor Muhammad's wife never conceived again and died without ever delivering the prophecised son. Allah(SWT) had made this another sign of Mirza Ghulam's false claims for those who really believe. But, did most Qadianis revert back to Islam?  No!  They had closed their minds and Allah(SWT) sealed their hearts for their arrogance.  The Qadiani leadership instead declared:

"God knows when and how will this prophecy come true as his holiness had given the news of its fulfillment through Manzoor Muhammad's wife who has died..."
    (Al-Bushra, Vol. 2, P. 116)

Satan is always at work.  Isn't it sad to see unfortunate people abandon faith, arrogantly refute the signs sent to them by Allah(SWT), and try to explain away the repeated failures of Mirza Ghulam?


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