From Islam (submission to Allah) to Kufr (Disbelief)

Just an average Sunni Muslim
In his childhood and youth, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was taught the principles of the Sunni School of thought.  Mirza Ghulam’s writings during this period adhered to the authentic Islamic teachings. Particularly, he believed in the Finality of Prophethood and the role of Jesus(pbuh), as the promised Messiah.  The writings of this period are the ones that the Qadianis put forth in trying to claim that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was a Muslim and did not deviate from Islam.

Here are some of his writings from this period:

  • “The Quran does not sanction the advent of any prophet after the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) whether he is a new one or old one.  All the knowledge that a prophet possesses is taught by the angel Gabriel and the door of Gabriel’s descent to impact the revelations of prophethood is closed for ever.  How can a prophet come now without having access to the revelations of prophethood.”  
    (Izalat-ul-Auham, Page 761)

  • “I consider that man who rejects the doctrine of Last Prophetship is a disbeliever and outside the pale of Islam.”
    (Tableegh-i-Risalat, Vol 2, Page 44 –
    Also read out in Congression of Jama Masjid, Dehli, Oct. 23, 1891)

  • “I believe in all the items of faith as prescribed by the Sunni School of Islam and I accept everything that is according to the Quran and Hadith.  I fully subscribe to the doctrine that Muhammad is the last of all Prophets, and that any claimant to Prophethood after him is an impostor and a Kafir.  It is my belief that the revelations of Prophethood started with Adam and closed with the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)”.
    (Majmuha-Estaharet, P. 230-231; Tabligh-i-Risalat, Vol 2, Page 20 –
    Also appeared in a Qadiani poster dated Oct 2, 1891; 20 Shaaban, 1313 A.H.)

It is unfortunate that someone with such standard Islamic beliefs, in a few short years, turned away from the fold of Islam and claimed to be a prophet of Allah(SWT) who was receiving divine revelations.

Superior to the Great Muslims
During this phase of his life, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani claimed to be superior to the Companions and descendants of the Prophet(SAW).  When he fell short and was not able to support his lofty claims, he resorted to attacking the character of these great individuals.

Here are some of his writings from this period:

  • “Now leave your quarrels regarding the old Khilafat.  A living Ali is among you.  Why should you look for a dead Ali?”  (Al-Hakam, Vol. 4, Nov 10, 1900)
  • “They accuse me of having placed myself above Hasan and Husain.  I tell them again that it is really so, and that God will prove it very soon.”
  • “Hundreds of Husains I have in my collar.” (Al-Hukum, Jun 16, 1904)
  • “It is a pity that people do not see that the Quran has not given Husain even a sonship.  It has not even mentioned his name.  Even Zaid is better than Husain, for his name is mentioned in the Quran”.
    (Nazul-i-Masiah, Page 45)

A Disciple Prophet
At this phase, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani commenced planting the seed of his Kufr by claiming to be in communication with God and a “partial prophet”.

Here are some of his writings from this period:

  • “There is no doubt that this humble self has come to this Ummah as a Muhaddis (one who speaks to God) who in other sense is likely a prophet, though not a full fledged prophet, nevertheless, he is a partial prophet and one, who rejects him, incurs the chastisement of hell to certain extent.”
    (Touzeh-ul-Maram, Page 18)
  • “At first I thought I had no similarities with Christ who was a prophet and one of the most favorites of God, and if there were any signs of the grace of God manifested in my favor, I used to consider them as a token of partial favor; but later on, God’s revelations began to pour upon me like rain, and this brought a change in my beliefs and I was given the appellation of prophet but it was a prophet in one sense and disciple prophet in another sense.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 149-150)

Obviously, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was in total dark regarding the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) dealing with the Finality of Prophethood.  Specifically, he must have not known the following two authentic Hadith at the time he made such claims:

You (Hazrat Ali) are related to me as Aaron was related to Moses(pbuh). But no Apostle will come after me.
(Bukhari, Muslim
Musnad recorded a similar hadith ending in ‘Behold there is no prophethood after me.’)


If ever there arose a person from among my people who would hold communion with God, it would be none else but ‘Umar bin Khattab.
(Bukhari , Muslim, Tirmidhi)

We do know that neither Hazrat Ali nor Hazrat Umar(RAs) ever claimed to be a prophet or in communication with Allah(SWT); this would mean that Prophet Muhammad(SAW) himself foresaw the advent of impostors, like Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, and warned us not to accept their claims. Incidently, the claims of this false “prophet” are no different than those of recent impostors: David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Charles Manson.

The Promised Mehdi
The next logical step for Mirza was to raise himself to become the Promised Mehdi.  Since he was counting on the ignorance of masses, he was not worried about the fact that he did not fulfill any of Islamic prophecies regarding Mehdi.

Here are some of his writings from this period:

  • “Mirza Sahib also claimed to be the promised Mehdi, not the Mehdi who was engaged himself in conquest and bloodshed but the reasoning Mehdi who would vanquish his opponents by arguments.  He called himself Promised Mehdi and superior to numerous prophets.”
    (Me’ar-ul-Akhyar, Page 11)

Obviously, Mirza Ghulam was unsuccessful to even vanquish his opponents by argument and discussion. He was rebuffed and ridiculed easily by both Muslim and Christian Scholars alike. His only accomplishment was to show that he could find some simple minded individuals who would follow his false claims.

The Promised Messiah
Not quite happy at being just Mehdi, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani decided to give himself a quiet promotion by declaring himself to be the Messiah foretold by all religions of the world!  Once more, since the naive and impressionable villagers he was initially dealing with were uninformed of the prophecies regarding the Messiah, he was not concerned with being exposed.

To explain the fact that he — unlike the foretold Messiah — did not descend from the heavens in the company of angels, he invented a fairy-tale regarding Jesus Christ(pbuh):  in this tale Jesus(pbuh) is crucified, but does not die nor is raised to God to fulfill his future mission as the promised Messiah.  Instead, he recovers from his injuries and escapes to Kashmir (India) where he lives for eighty six more years, does not preach Islam, and does not leave any traces of his living there!

Here are some of his writings from this period:

  • “So you are blessed.  The Messiah has come to you.  God, the Powerful has placed His hand on him and bestowed His eloquent speech upon him…. You are blessed.  The Mehdi of the time had come to you with abundant riches and endless wealth….  You people, I am the Messiah of Muhammad’s line and I am Ahmad al-Mahdi.”
    (Khutba Ilhamia, Page 60, 61, 98)
  • “Give up all mention of the Son of Mary: Ghulam Ahmad is far greater.”
    (Dafi-ul-Bala” Page 20)
  • “It is my claim that I am that Christ about whom all the sacred scriptures have prophecied that his advent will take place in the last days of the world.”
    (Tuhfa-i-Gooladia, Page 195i)
  • “I swear by That God who controls my life that He sent me and He had named me a prophet and He has called me the Promised Christ and has established my claims with great signs that number above three lakhs. [3 million miracles!]”
    (Tatimma-i-Haqiqat-ul-Qahi, Page 68)

It is indeed a loss to humanity that no one witnessed even one of the 3 million miracles Mirza Ghulam Qadiani insisted that he performed!  Either his mission as the “Promised Messiah” was a total failure (since he only caused hatred among Muslims, Christians, and Hindus and did not bring unificaion of the mankind) or he was an impostor.  Since the promise of Allah(SWT) regarding the Messiah can never fail, we stand by the opinion that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was an impostor.

Reincarnation of Muhammad(SAW)
As a Muslim, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani knew too well that the advent of a new prophet is impossible.  However, dealing with people who did not understand the original Arabic text and were unaware of the extensive body of Hadith clearly opposing any form of prophethood, Mirza Ghulam resorted to deceptive translation of the Holy Quran to claim to be a superior reincarnation of the prophet Muhammad(SAW)!

Here are some of his writings from this period:

  • “I am that same prophet , the very Incarnation of the “Seal of Prophets” and twenty years back in the Book Baraheen-i-Ahmadiah, I was called by God by the names of Muhammad and Ahmad and was declared by God Himself to be the very prophet in fresh and blood.”
    (Eik Ghalati-ka-Izala, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)
  • “Muhammad has again come among us.  His new position is an improvement on his earlier visitation.  If any man wishes to see Muhammad, akmal (more competent), then he should see Ghulam Ahmad, in Qadian.”
    (Al-Badr, Oct 5, 1906; Written by a poet and published by Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)
  • “It is a fact that Muhammad(pbuh) worked only three thousand miracles…  My Miracles exceed one million in numbers.”
    (Ijaze-e-Ahmadi, Page 79; Tadhkira tul Shahadatain, Page 41)
  • “It is possible for a man to attain a spiritual position higher than any other man; if any man wishes, he can rise even above Muhammad(pbuh).”
    (Daily Al-Fadl, Jul 17. 1992, Mirza Basheer al-Din Mahmud Qadiani)
  • “As for him (Muhammad), the moon was eclipsed but for me, two bright moons have eclipsed (solar eclipse).  How dare you deny it?  If his Kalam (words) were a miracle, a sign, my Kalam is also a miracle.”
    (Ijaze-e-Ahmadi, Page 79)
  • “This verse, ‘He is the Messenger of God and the seal of Prophets’ contains a secret allusion to prophecy and that is that the coming of prophets is sealed for ever, and except for the prophet incarnate who is no other than the prophet himself, will have the faculty of receiving revelations from God openly like the prophets of old.  Since I was destined to be the Prophet that was to come, I was destined to be the Prophet that was to come, I was made the prophet Incarnate.”
    (Eik Ghalati-ka-Izala, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)

How fortunate for Mirza Ghulam Qadiani to have been the person to discover this “secret allusion” and try to use this “allusion” to misguide uninformed people!

An Apostate and New Prophet
By now, everyone should have noticed the pattern of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani.  He was indeed a person with an ego that needed continuous feeding and boosting.  He had elevated himself to be better than Prophet Muhammad(SAW), whom we are told was the greatest man to ever live. Yet, he was not happy!  He was still partially bound by the Quran and Hadith of the Prophet(SAW) and, to break free, he needed to attain full prophethood!

Here are some of his writings from this period:

  • “The true God is He who sent His messenger to Qadiani.”
    (Dafi-ul-Bala, Page 11)
  • “How can I discard God’s revelations which has been coming to me for the last twenty-three years.  I believe in this sacred revelation as I believe in the revelations before me.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 15)
  • “We claim to be Rasul (Messenger) and Nabi (Prophet).”
    (Al-Badr, March 5, 1908, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)
  • “I have been given what no other man in the universe has been given.”
    (Tadhkira, Page 658)
  • “Lo!  We have sent unto you a messsenger as witness among you, as we once sent a messenger unto Pharaoh.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 101)
  • “Fear not.  Lo! The messengers fear not in my presence.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 91)
  • “I swear by God in whose hand lies my existence and say that it is He who has reputed me and called me a prophet and the Messiah.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Appendix, Page 68, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)
  • “He (Mirza Ghulam) is a prophet of God and the like of every prophet.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 79, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)
  • “I am the only person selected from amongst the adherents of Islam for the reception of the revelations and knowledge of the unseen.  As no other Saint of this community has had a so big a share, the title of Nabi has fallen to my lot alone.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 391, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)
  • “We sent you (Mirza Ghulam) indeed as our mercy to the worlds.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 82, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)
  • “I (God) shall stand by this (Mirza Ghulam) prophet.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 87, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)
  • “We have given thee abundance.”
    (Anjam Atham, Page 58; Tadhkira, Page 652)

Muslims should recognize the last three claims to be plagiaries of the verses of the Holy Quran. Mirza Ghulam Qadiani shamelessly quoted verses revealed some 1300 years earlier as new revelation made to him! This, like the rest of his claims, was a forgery.
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The Lord of Hindus
Since Mirza Ghulam Qadiani lived in India, it was an astute and calculated move on his part to reach out to the Hindus of the society, by calling himself the Hindu Lord, Korishna.  This also amounted to a promotion, since a Lord is better than a simple Prophet!

Here is his claim from this period:

  • “Just as the Aryan people are awaiting the coming of Shri Krishna.  I am the same Krishna, and this claim is not only mine but God repeatedly revealed to me that I am the same Krishna, the King of the Aryans to come in the last days of the World.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 45, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)

Incarnation of All Prophets
Mirza Ghulam had claimed to be a prophet, however his character was incompatable with that of all prior Prophets(pbut) and he was not capable of performing miracles.  We have already seen hints of his attempt at boosting his claim by making false accusations against prior Prophets(pbut); at this stages, he tries to make himself the beneficiary of all the good characters of all the Prophets.

Here is his claim from this period:

  • “Whatever was given individually to each prophet has been collectively given to me.”
    (Nuzul-e-Masih, Page 99)
  • “One into whom God entered is in the garb of the prophets.”
    (Anjam Atham, Page 53)
  • “I am the Messiah of the time and I am Moses on whom God conferred His speech.  I am Muhammad and Ahmad, the selected one.”
    (Taryaq-ul-Qulub, Page 3)
  • “My Lord has established the likeness between Adam and myself: Allah made me Adam and gave me all that was given to the Father of mankind.”
    (Khutba-e-Ilhamia, Page 253-254)
  • “There was no prophet whose name was not given to me, as I was told in the “Baraheen Ahmadiah that I am Adam, I am Noah, I am Issac, I am Jacob, I am Ismail, I am Moses, I am Abraham, I am Jesus, and I am Muhammad.  In the capacity of a prophet Incarnate.”
    (Tatimma-Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 84, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)

The Son of God
You will be surprised to see how far Mirza was willing to take his claims!  We allow his own writings, alleged by him to be revelations from God, to speak for themselves:

  • “You are unto me as my son.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 86; Tadhkira, Page 526, 642)
  • “Listen to Me, My Son”
    (Al-Bushra, Vol 1, Page 49)
  • “God has preferred you above everything else.”
    (Tadhkira, Page 469, 579, 638)
  • “You are from me and I am from you: your appearance is my appearance.”
    (Tadhkira, Page 650, 700)
  • “If thou hadst not been, I (God) would not have created the heavens.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 85; Istifta, Page 604, 649)
  • “You are from our water and they are from dust.”
    (Anjam-e-Atham, Page 55; Tadhkira, Page 204)
  • “The Heavens and the earth are with you as they are with Me.”
    (Anjam-e-Atham, Page 52; Tadhkira, Page 65 (2nd Edition))
  • “Listen to Me, My son; Thou art from My water and they (other people) from dust…”
    “Christ and I (Mirza Ghulam) are in a position wherein we can be metaphorically termed as sons of God.”
    (Dafi-ul-Bala, Page 6; Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 86; Arbain, Page 34, by Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)
  • “Thou art as a son to Me; Thou art like My children; Thou art as dear to Me as My Unity.”
    (Tauhid and Tafrid, by Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)
  • “I have dismounted the heavens for thee and for thy sake I shall manifest My signs.”
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 94)

We only need answer this by the following Surah of the Holy Quran:


Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;
Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
And there is none like unto Him.

(The Holy Quran, Al-Ikhlas, 112)

The Christian God
Apparently, the wealth (Zakat) he had hoarded over the years and the prestige of being compared with all the Prophets(pbut) had blinded Mirza to authentic Islamic teachings.  His disbelief grew even more, as shown in the following passages of his later writings:

  • “Prophet Daniel has termed me as Michael, in his book; and in Hebrew, Michael literally means, ‘one like God'”.
    (Arbain, No. 3, Page 25, By Mirza Ghulam Qadiani)
    (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 17, Page 413)
  • ‘”God, Holy ghost, and son, when combined, constitute the Holy Trinity,”.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad represents God as riding a dromedary likens Him to a Tendwa (octopus) and call Holy Ghost as female and God as male.  He talks of God as descending the heavens, praising Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from His Throne, sending peace on, and praying for him.  He describes Him as sleeping, walking, and performing good and bad actions and glorifying the name of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.’
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Page 78 and 103; Izala-i-Auham, Page 67; Tauzih-ul-Maraam, page 21)

May Allah(SWT) have mercy on us for reproducing theses blasphemous teachings of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani.

God Like
May Allah(SWT) have mercy on us for reproducing these authentic writings of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. We allow his own writings, alleged to be divine revelation, speak for itself:

  • “I am given the power to cause death and to give life from the Lord, the all-Powerful.”
    (Khutba Ilhamia, Page 55-56)
  • “Such is your command: that when you intend a things, you say ‘Be’ and it exists.”
    (Haqiqatul Wahi, Page 105; Tadhkira, Page 525, 656, 826)
  • “Oh Ahmad, your name will be completed but My name will not be completed.”
    (Anjam-e-Atham, Page 52; Tadhkira, Page 51)
  • “Allah praises you in the heavens.  He praises you and comes unto you.”
    (Anjam-e-Atham, Page 55-56; Tadhkira, Page 276 (2nd Edition))
  • “The God of Muhammad manifested Himself to Ahmad of Qadian, and He in the form of Ghulam Ahmad radiated His light.”
    (Al-Hakam, No. 5)
  • “You are unto me as my Oneness and my Soleness.”
    (Anjam-e-Atham, Page 51; Tadhkira, Page 66, 304)
  • “I dreamt that I was Allah and I believed that I was really he.”
    (Aina-i-Kamalat, Page 564)
  • “God stands where you (Mirza Ghulam) stand.”
    (Al-Bushra, Vol 2, Page 24)
  • “I saw that I was God, and believed that I was He, and in that condition I was saying, ‘We intend to create a new system and a new heaven and earth.’  Then, I said ‘We decorated the Lower heaven with Lights; and added, We shall create men out of the extract of earth’.”
    (Kitab-ul-Bariya, Page 78; Aina-i-Kamalat, Page 564)

May Allah(SWT) guide all sincere individuals to the right path of Islam and away from the teachings and claims of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani.

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