Mirza Ghulam Qadiani versus Allama Sanahullah of Amristar

The Judgment of Allah against the Impostor

(All references are from Qadiani books)

Allama Sanahullah of Amristar, a well-known debater and defender of Islam, pursued Mirza Ghulam over the years and exposed his falsehood and inconsistencies in public debates.  The pretender’s repeated humiliation provoked him once more to resort to his old tricks of trying to intimidate his opponent.  On April 15, 1907, Mirza Ghulam proclaimed:

“To Ustad Sanahullah – Salam on whosoever follows the guidance.  For a considerable period, I have been called a liar and a profligate in your magazine ‘Ahl-e-Hadith‘.  In this magazine, you always call me ‘This accursed liar, anti-Christ, corrupter’.  It publicizes to the whole world that I am an innovator, a liar, an anti-Christ; that I have forged a lie as far as my claim of Messiahship is concerned’.  I have suffered considerable pain at your hands, but I remained patient. But when I realized that I have been commissioned for dissemination of the truth and you prevent people from paying attention to me on account of your calumnies against me.  So, I pray that if I am a liar and an innovator, as you refer to me in your magazine, then I shall die during your life-time, because I know that the life-span of a liar and a corrupter is not long.  Instead, he lies frustrated during the life-time of his staunch enemies, in shame and degradation.  In his death lies the welfare of God’s creatures, as he can not mislead them after his death.  But if I am not a liar and an innovator, but I am honored by Allah’s address and dialogue, and I am the promised Messiah, then I pray that you shall not escape the end of liars according to God’s practice.  So I announce that if you do not die during my life by God’s punishment which can not but be from God alone – for example that you die of plague or Cholera – then I am not an Apostle of God Almighty.This I do not utter as a prediction, but I have asked for the final verdict from God, the Holy, the Almighty.  I pray to God – O my Lord, the observer, the powerful, the knower, the Omniscient; O knower of the secrets of hearts.  If I am a liar and am corrupt in your view and I forge lies against you, night and day, O Allah, the perish me in the life-time of Ustad Sanahullah, and make him and his party happy by my death, Amen. And O Allah, if I am truthful and Sanahullah is false and a liar in his accusations that he levels at me, then O Lord of the universe, perish him in my life-time with fatal diseases like plague or Cholera or some other disease, Amen.

O Lord!  I have been tortured and I tolerated it all.  But, now I perceive he has crossed the limit and he believes I am more profligate than thieves and ravishers who cause harm to the world.  He considers me to be the meanest of God’s creatures. He has defamed me in far-flung areas of the country and believes that I am in fact an evil person, a marauder, greedy, liar, innovator and abominable person.  Had there been no echo of these utterings, I would have tolerated them.  But I realize that Sanahullah’s accusations have an ulterior motive.  He desired to bury my mission and dismantle my edifice which you have built.

O my Lord and O you who have sent me.  For this reason, I beseech you, O Allah, seeking refuge in your mercy and compassion.  Decide the truth between me and Sanahullah and destroy the liar and the evil in the life-time of the truthful or afflict him with a death-like calamity.   Kindly do this, O my dear Lord, Amen. Our Lord, expose the truth between us and our nation and you are the best of the victors.

In the end, I expect from Ustad Sanahullah that he should publish this text in his magazine and write whatever note he likes on it.  The verdict is now in the hand of Allah.  The writer, Allah’s servant, Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah, may God protect him and help him.”
(Badr, April 15, 1907)

As was his habit, Mirza Ghulam also authorized the production of a poster with the same content. This poster was later included in Tablegh-i-Risalat, Vol. 10, P. 120.  Just ten days after this prayer to Allah(SWT), Mirza Ghulam made the following statement:

“All that has been said about Sanahullah is not from ourselves but is from God, as it was revealed to me on the night of the prayer that ‘I respond to the call of the caller’.  The meaning of this revelation is that my call has been accepted.
(Badr, April 25, 1907)

Allah(SWT) did indeed hear this prayer of Mirza Ghulam.  On May 26, 1908 Mirza Ghulam died of the same disease he had named – Cholera.  [Read: The Death of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani] Allama Sanahullah remained alive for nearly forty more years and went on condemning Ahmadiyya during all that time.  Allah(SWT) once more used Mirza Ghulam’s own statement to prove him an impostor.

After all this, is there any unfortunate person who insists on viewing Mirza Ghulam as a religious leader?

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