The Death of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani

(In light of Qadiani / Ahmadi record)

Say: “Verily those who invent a lie concerning Allah will not succeed. This world’s portion (will be theirs), then unto Us is their return. Then, We make them taste a dreadful doom because they used to disbelieve.”
(The Holy Quran, Yunus, 10:69-70)

For years, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani attributed outrageous lies to Allah(SWT): he claimed to be Mehdi, the Promised Messiah, a reincarnation of Muhammad(SAW), a new improved Prophet, Hindu Lord, and a manifestation of God. He said he was in direct communication with Allah and claimed that his revelations were divine in nature.  It is fitting that Allah(SWT) made his death a testimony to his falsehood.  His sudden death proved his following prophecies to have been untrue:

  1. His prophecy that he (Mirza) will live to be 80 or more years old;
    (He died when he was only 68 year old.)
  2. His prophecy that he would marry Muhammadi Begum, before his death;
    (He never did marry Muhammadi Begum.)
  3. The claim (and Mubahala challenge) that Moulvi Sanaullah of  Amristar, his arch opponent who had openly called him a liar and an impostor, will die before him;
    (“The liar will die first” – Mirza died first!)
  4. His prophecy that Dr. Abdul Hakim, one of his opponents who had called him a liar during an open debate, will die within Mirza’s life time;
    (he said “The liar will die first”.  But, Mirza died first!)
  5. The prophecy (and Mubahala challenge) that Mr. Abdullah Atham, a Christian who had debated with Mirza Ghulam and put him to shame, will die before him;
    (Mirza had said: “the liar will die first” – Yet, Mirza died first!)
  6. His revelation that Allah(SWT) will bestow upon him a great new son, a sign of Allah(SWT)‘s presence and proof of his prophethood;
    (Mirza died without having another son.)
  7. His claim that Allah(SWT) had revealed to him that he would marry many more virtuous women;
    (After the prophecy, he did not marry anyone else.)
  8. His prophecy that he (Mirza) will marry a widow, before his death;
    (After the prophecy, he did not marry anyone else.)
  9. His prophecy that he will die in Mekkah or Medina.
    (Mirza died in the city of Lahor; he never saw Mekkah or Medina.)

Indeed, Mirza Ghulam’s death was a sign of Allah(SWT)‘s displeasure with him.  He died from the disease he feared the most in a wretched condition and in utter disgrace, as he himself had stated:

“To turn out a liar in his own prophecy is biggest disgrace of disgraces.”
(Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 15, P. 382)

Let’s review the record of Mirza’s death as recounted by his closest followers and actual witnesses to his death.

Bashir Ahmad, the son of Mirza Ghulam, wrote in his biography:

“My mother informed me that ‘the first attack of looseness of bowels upon the Promised Messiah occurred when he was at his dining room table.  Later, I started pressing his legs and he lay in comfort and slept and soon I too slept. After a short while, he again felt the call of nature and he used the bathroom a couple of times without awakening me, After this he felt very weak; he shook me up and laid down on my bed.  I recommenced pressing. In a few minutes he told me to go to bed but I refused and continued to press.  Once again he had an urge and, being too weak to go to the lavatory, I made arrangement for him close to the bed.  He sat down and relieved himself.  Next, he laid himself back on my bed and I started pressing again. His weakness grew intense; he had another motion, accompanied this time by vomiting.  This paralyzed him so much that when trying to lay back on the bed, he fell on his back and hit his head on the bed post.  His condition alarmed me…’.”
(Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 1, P. 11-12; Sirat-ul-Mehdi, P.109)

Mirza Ghulam’s father in law, Mir Nasir Nawab, recorded in his autobiography:

“The night his holiness fell ill, I was sleeping in my room.  When his illness grew severe, they woke me up.  I went over to his holiness and found him in great pain.  He addressed me saying: ‘I have been stricken with cholera.’  After this, he did not utter a single intelligible and coherent word till he died on Monday, after ten O’clock in the morning.”
(Hayat-i-Nasir, P. 14)

Mirza Ghulam used to say that cholera or plague is the sign of Allah(SWT)‘s wrath on mankind for their wrong doing!  It is fitting that his last words were the admission that he had been stricken with the disease he was so fearful of. The witnesses present at his bed side recorded:

“Huzoor (Mirza Ghulam) could not talk two hours before death.   Dr. Mirza Yaqoob Baig and Dr. Syed Mohammad Hussei Shah were the attending physicians. Huzoor asked for paper and wrote on it: ‘I have too much dryness.  I can’t talk.’ and some other words which could not be read.”
(Al-Fazl, Vol. 25, No. 274, November 24, 1937)”As his condition became precarious, we stayed by him and continued treatment, but his pulse stopped by 10:15 A.M., on the 26th May, 1908 he breathed his last.”
(Al-Hakam, Mary 28, 1908)

We can not imagine what Mirza Ghulam might have felt when the hour of death approached and Allah(SWT) shut his mouth and tongue so that he could neither repent (proclaim Kalima) nor utter any more lies.


And who can be more unjust than he who invents a lie against Allah, or says: “I have received inspiration,” whereas he is not inspired in anything; and who says, “I will reveal the like of what Allah has revealed.”  And if you could but see when the wrong-doers are in the agonies of death, while the angels are stretching forth their hands (saying): “Deliver your soul!  This day you shall be recompensed with the torment of degradation because of what you used to utter against Allah other than the truth.  And you used to reject His signs (revelations) with disrespect!”
(The Holy Quran, Al-Anam, 6:93)

Mirza Ghulam’s death irrefutably proves that the prophecies he attributed to Allah(SWT) were fabricated by him and his associates. The irony is that, to impress his followers, he had proclaimed his prophecies to be the ultimate sign of his truthfulness and stated:

“If what I have said does not happen exactly, I am prepared for every punishment.  My face should be blackened and I should be hanged.  I swear by the Mighty Allah that what I have said will happen.  It must happen.  It is possible that the earth may be changed for another earth and the sky may be replaced by another sky, but it is not possible for God’s word to change — prepare for me a cross if my falsehood is exposed and curse me more than the Satans and the evil persons are cursed.
(Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 6, P. 293; Jang-i-Maqaddas, P. 188)”To Judge my truthfulness or lies, there is no better test than my prophecies.”
(Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 19, P. 288)

We ask Allah(SWT) to deliver all sincere seekers of the truth from the clutches of the Qadiani leadership.

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