An Appeal to American Muslims

Urdu Times
October 15, 1998

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent.

By the grace of God, American Muslims who adhere to their religion in every facet of life are proving that Islam does indeed lead to happiness for mankind. Oppression, terrorism, and drug dealing have no part in the life of a Muslim.

We are delighted to see that many American Muslims are taking an active part in the upcoming elections and appeal to every Muslim voter to participate fully in both local and national elections. Muslims are advised to lend their support to those candidates who are either practicing Muslims or friends of Islam, so that an accurate picture of Islam may be presented at the State and Federal levels. Muslims who do not practice their faith and individuals who harbor animosity towards Islam are not worthy of your support.

In particular, you are urged to ensure that candidates who are running under the banner of Islam are not affiliated with movements declared as non-Muslim by scholars of Islam or Muslim countries. Instead, your local Islamic centers should be able to testify that the candidate is indeed a true believer.

As a service to Islam and Muslims, we have created a very informative and comprehensive site on the internet which may assist in this task. We hope that you will visit this site, invite your Muslim candidates to take benefit of the literature, and inquire their position regarding the truths presented at our site.

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