Law for ‘Tauheene Risalat’ Constitution of Pakistan and the Rights of Minorities

December 12, 1997
by Qazi Abbas Borhany

The law of Tauheene Risalat was enforced about eleven years ago in 1986, so that stringent action could be taken against all those who speak out and write disrespectful sentences against Rasulullah (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam)… Afterwards, the Federal Shariat Court was approached for scrutinizing the above law in the light of Holy Qur’aan  and Sunnah.  On 30th October, 1990, the full bench under Chief Justice Gull Mohammad Khan passed a detailed judgment (upholding the law)…

The minority leaders, specially the clergy make false propaganda through the international media that the enforcement of laws of Islam in Pakistan is depriving minorities of their rights.  What should I say in regard to this fabricated statement.  History is a witness enough that Islam has accorded so many rights to non-Muslims in a Muslim state which no nation on earth allowed to minorities.  The false claimants and so called fighters of human rights today, in West and East, accord the treatment to the Muslims living in their countries by no means is a secrete.

Anyhow, it is a collective duty of the Muslims to protect and safeguard the life, honor, and property of the non-Muslims living in a Muslim state.  The Muslims have been strictly forbidden to harm the life and property of any non-Muslim in various Ahadith. Islam has accorded the freedom of thought to the non-Muslims.  They can not be forced to change their faith...

It is understood and obvious that in Pakistan the laws of Islam should be enforced.  In Muslim states, there is no place for Anglo-Saxon and laws of the Bible.  Laws of Islam do not harm non-Muslims, because they clearly protect the rights of non-Muslims.  Rights can be granted to minorities according to time and circumstances.  But in giving additional rights, Muslim states and rulers are not entirely independent.  They are rather bound by this principle that by the new rights no harm should come to any fundamental principle of Islam…

Representatives of church, minority leaders, and all secular minded persons should note that Pakistan was achieved in the name of Islam.  The only purpose for the establishment of Pakistan was that, in this region, the Muslims should be able to settle all their affairs in accordance with the teachings of Islam and that no power inimical to Islam should be able to prevent them from performing all their religious affairs.  In the Objectives Resolution, which is now a part of the constitution of Pakistan, it has been clarified that the principles of democracy, freedom, equality, tolerance, and justice, as elucidated and interpreted  by Islam, would be kept in view fully. According to the Objectives Resolution, Muslims should be able to order their lives in accordance with the teachings of Islam ,as enunciated in the Qur’aan and Sunnah.  The (accusations of the) advocates of the church and their underground workers, who run Human Rights Association in the name of minority rights, are extremely surprising because, despite being legal experts, they are quite ignorant of the aims of the establishment of Pakistan and the Objectives Resolution.  Otherwise, they would have refrained from issuing the kind of statement that they do…

Pakistan in not a secular country.  The basis of the law of land is enshrined in the Qur’aan and Sunnah.  No Muslim can tolerate any body’s interference in his faith…  In Islam, Hadd of Irtidad applies to those who insult the Holy Qur’aan, Rasulullah (SAW), Shaair, and Muqaddasat.  In Pakistan, the ruler and courts should take serious action against such criminals to avert any activity from common Muslims against such people.  Our lives are not more precious than the Namoos (prestige, dignity, honor, and respect) of Rasulullah (SAW).

Source: The News International

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