Minorities Enjoy Fearless, Carefree Life in Pakistan

The News International
December 2, 1995

This refers to repeated insertions in the newspapers of an ad captioned ‘We Condemn’. It gives no address of any signatory evading responsibility for the ad.

I am astonished to read the allegation that Christians, Hindus and ‘Ahmadis’ (i.e. Qadianis) are daily murdered in Pakistan; that they are daily assaulted and intimidated and that these people are discriminated against.

These minorities, on the contrary, are a privileged class and enjoy fearless and carefree life, whereas the vast majority of Muslims bear great suffering.

Newspapers are full of killings of Muslims plus torture and assault on them; the condition of Muslims in the countries where Christians and Hindus are ruling is worst as compared to any minority in Pakistan. Prima facie, the advertiser is up to malign Pakistan.

Qadiani community is putting the image of their false innocence to the world media, in order to claim asylum, particularly in Canada and Germany, and try to provoke international human rights organizations against Pakistan.

Will anyone tell the number of minority members killed in 1995 by Muslims in Pakistan? The answer is none. Of course there may be one or two killings during their own family strifes or settling up a personal vendetta on one or the other ground.

What will be the answer if someone asked as to why, in the Christian world, the Muslims are being massacred in Bosnia and elsewhere?  Is there any end in sight to this brutality which Muslims are facing in the world of these ‘angelic minorities’?

In out neighbourhood, Hindus are killing Muslims in the name of religion. They are killing in Kashmir and in other places in India where in one go they wipe out hundreds and thousands and there is none to shed tears on the sad plight of Muslims.

The fictitious advertisement says that minorities in Pakistan must get equal rights. Don’t they have these? Actually, they have more freedom than the vast Muslim majority. The Qadianis, who call themselves Ahmadis, have much larger representation in services (and government) than they deserve on the basis of their population (size).

In fact, Pakistan is the only country in which they can practice their faith so freely. They are advised in Pakistan only to refrain from propagating those tenets which collide with the peace and security of the country or which slander the Holy Prophet(PBUH) and his followers.

In the innermost recessesof their hearts, they dislike the vast majority of this country and they use the press and the electronic media freely to propagate their anti-Islamic and heretic thoughts.

We Muslims not only condemn the condemners in the name of fairplay and justice, but also condemn the signatories of anonymous addresses for trying to create a wedge between them and their privileged minorities of Hindus, Christians, and Qadianis.

We respect their rights and envy their safety and fearless life as compared to the terrified lives of thousands of majority community in places like Karachi.

Source: The News International, December 2, 1995, by Syed Athar Azim

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