Overview of Selected Decisions Taken by Different Courts in Pakistan

With Regard to Ahmadis (Qadianis, Lahoris)

  • February 7, 1935:
    Munshi Muhammad Akbar Khan, B.A., LL.B., District Judge of Bahawalnagar in his ruling declared Qadianis are non-Muslim.

  • March 25, 1954:
    Mian Mohammad Saleem Senior, civil judge Rawalpindi, in his ruling declared that Qadianis are not Muslim.

  • June 3, 1955:
    Sheikh Mohammad Akbar, associate judge District Rawalpindi, in his ruling declared Mirzais (Qadianis) non-Muslim.

  • March 22, 1969:
    Sheikh Muhammad Rafiq Gorigia, civil judge in family court, declared that Mirzais, whether Qadiani or Lahori, are outside the fold of Islam.

  • July 13, 1970:
    Civil judge Samaro of the District Mirpur Khas declared Mirzais non-Muslim.

  • 1972:
    Honorable Malik Ahmad Khan, commissioner Bahavalpur, declared that Mirzai are a different group than Muslims.

  • 1972:
    Honorable Chaudry Mohammad Naseem, civil judge Rahim Yar Khan, wrote in his ruling that Qadianis can not preach or make their worship places in Muslim localities.

  • April 28:
    The Assembly of Kashmir (Independent) passed a resolution declaring Mirzai a non-Muslim minority.

  • June 19, 1974:
    The Assembly of province of Frontier passed an unanimous resolution demanding that Qadianis be declared non-Muslim.

  • September 17, 1974:
    The National Assembly of Pakistan declared Qadianis a non-Muslim Minority. The Rabita Aalim-e-Islami followed with a similar announcement.

  • April 26, 1984:
    The Government of Pakistan issued an ordinance which was published in the Gazette of Pakistan. According to this ordinance, all followers of Mirza Ghulam (Qadiani and Lahoris) were declared to be non-Muslims and were prevented from using Islamic terms and symbols to try to misguide Muslims. Both Qadianis and Lahoris contested this ordinance in the Federal Shariah Court and claimed it to be against Shariah and their civil rights.

  • July 15, 1984:
    The Federal Shariah Court considered the argument presented by the advocates of Qadiani (Mr. Mujib-ur-Rehman) and Lahori (Captain Abdul Wajid) groups and the defense offered by the Government (Sheikh Ghiass Muhammad and Dr. Syed Riaz-ul-Hasan Gillani). After consulting numerous experts on Constitution and many learned Muslim Scholars belonging to every schools of thought, the court rejected the challenge of Mirzais (Qadianis and Lahoris) and upheld the Ordinance issued by the Government of Pakistan.

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