Qadiani Chief’s Personal Secretary Becomes a Muslim

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait (October 18 — NNI) — Hassan Bin Mahmood Odeh, a close aide of the top non-Muslim Ahmadi leader of the so-called unIslamic “Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam” and a Palestinian, has become a Muslim along with his friends. They have promised to comply with all principles of real Islam.

Talking to NNI here on Saturday, President of International Khatme-Nabuwat Tehreek Abdul Hafeez Makki said that the decision of Hassan Odeh, who was the personal secretary of the Qadiani sect’s London-based chief, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, and his ‘yes’ man reflects that Ahmadiyyat is taking its last breaths. He said that Qadianis and Pervaizis have cheated people in the name of Islam. He urged the Muslims all over the world to unite in order to foil the conspiracies of anti-Islam lobbies.

Source: Information Times

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