Qadianis (Ahmadis) Declared Non-Muslim in Gambia

The President of the Nation of Gambia, Mr. Yahya Abubakr, has officially declared the country’s Qadiani community a non-Muslim minority, after Qadiani scholars were outclassed by Muslim scholars in the Courts and other fora. Gambia is a sovereign North African country comprised of 96% Muslim and 4% non-Muslim citizens. We praise president Abubakr and the People of Gambia for this decision.

Renowned religious scholars who participated in the matter included prominent Saudi Khateeb and President of the International Khatme-Nabuwat Movement, Maulana Abdul Hafiz Makki, and Movement’s Secretary General, Maulana Manzoor Ahmed Chinioti. We at Idara Dawat-o-Irshad congratulate Muslims all over the world for this unequivocal victory of truth over falsehood.


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