Qadianis in Gambia Declared Non-Muslim Minority

December 21, 1997

GAMBIA (NNI): President of this North West African state of Gambia has officially declared as minority country’s Qadiani community, after their scholars were outclassed by Muslim scholars in the Courts and other fora… Gambia is a sovereign state and an ally of Senegal comprising 96% of Muslim population and only 4 % non-muslim citizens.

Qadianis have allegedly been propagating their ideology in this state for long and had started converting Muslims. The Gambian government took notice of the situation and hosted an international conference of Muslim jurists and scholars to ponder over the situation. The scholars after deliberations conveyed to the government the distinctively un-Islamic aspects of the Qadiani teachings. The government took immediate steps and announced the decision.

Renowned religious scholars who deliberated on the matter in the conference included prominent Saudi Khateeb and President of the International Khatme-Nabuwat Movement, Maulana Abdul Hafiz Makki, and Movement’s Secretary General and President of International Conference on Khatme-Nubawat (ICKN), Maulana Manzoor Ahmed Chinioti. These scholars not only outsmarted the Qadiani scholars on various fora but also knocked down in arguments in Gambian Courts.

NNI correspondent from Kuwait city reports that soon after the announcement by the Gambian President, the people of Muslim Kuwait took to the street in jubilation and distributed sweets as a ritual. The Muslim preachers paid rich tributes to the Gambian President for his decision.

Head of the Kuwait wing of ICKN Maulana Ahmed Ali Siraj lauding the decision of Gambian President said Islam was triumphing against the forces pitched against it. He said the torchbearers of Islamic thoughts in Africa were successfully clearing the “venom of Qadianiat” in the region.

Source: Courtesy News Network International

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