Statement of Maulana Abu-al-Bashir Sahib Irfani

Regarding the Qadiani (Ahmadiyya) Cult

[From the Book: The Cunning Chameleon, Maualan Abu-al-Bashir Sahib Irfani]

In the Name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Compassionate

The Holy Prophet(SAW) has said:

“Verily, thirty impostors will appear in my Ummah and each one of them shall claim to be a Prophet, though I am the last of all the Prophets and there shall be no Prophet after me.”
(Abu-Daud; Tirmizi, Sahib Ibn Habban; Fateh-ul-Bari-Ed.3 P.86,87)

In another tradition of the Holy Prophet(SAW), we read:

“‘Dajjal’ (A Cheat) is followed by the word ‘Kazzab’ (A Liar).”

A question may arise here that if the number of false claimants to prophethood (Dajjals and Kazzabs) is to be thirty, what about the numerous persons who made such claims in the past? And Allah knows better how many more of such persons are yet to come.

Kafiz Ibn-i-Hajr(RA) in Fateh-ul-Bari (Sharah-ul-Bukhari) writes in answer to this question:

“The number ‘thirty’ mentioned in the first Tradition does not refer to all the false claimants to prophethood, as the baseless claims are generally the result of insanity and mental infirmity of the persons concerned. The number mentioned in the Tradition is in respect to only such individuals who would achieve glory and eminence (and their menace would cause discomfort to the Muslim Ummah).”
(Fateh-ul-Bari Ed-VI, P.455)

We believe that the Mirza of Qadian was one of those Dajjals whose blasphemous and outrageous conduct caused a great distress to the Muslim Ummah. May Allah save all the Muslims from such menaces…

Two of our very reverend and venerated scholars and theologians, namely hazrat Maulana Mufti Mohammad Shafi(RA) and hazrat Maulana Mohammad Ilyas Kandhalvi(RA) have published pamphlets on this same subject (the false claims of Mirza Ghulam)…

It is the unanimous and unequivocal belief of the Muslim community all over the world that prophethood came to an end forever after the advent of hazrat Muhammad(SAW), who is described in the Holy Quran itself as the Last of The Prophets. Hence, all the false claimants to prophethood – including Mirza of Qadian -, their followers and disciples are declared as infidels (Kafirs), apostates (Murtad) and heretics in accordance with the Islamic Sharia (Law and Jurisprudence). They have since been declared non-Muslims by the Government of Pakistan, as well.

In regard to the infidelity and apostasy of the false claimants to prophethood and their followers, Allama Ali Qari(RA) maintains:

“After the advent of our Holy Prophet(SAW), any claim to prophethood is infidelity according to the consensus of the opinion of the Muslim Ummah.”
(Sharah Fiqah Akbar, Dehli, P.206)

Our readers might be surprised to learn that after the Holy Prophet(SAW), from Musailam Kazzab up to Musailma of Punjab (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani), there have been numerous persons who claimed to be either Messiah, Mehdi, Manifestation of God and even God Incarnate. It is still astounding and ridiculous that among Mirza Ghulam’s own disciples, as many as fourteen Qadianis claimed to be Prophets and Mehdis…

It is worth remembering that all the false claimants to prophethood, after the Holy Prophet(SAW), made only one or two claims, but the Musailma of Punjab of our time, i.e. Mirza of Qadian, made as many as seventy one claims (Prophet, Messiah, Mehdi, Manifestation of God, Mary, Fatima, …). He was not contended with less…

The following verse of Hazrat Amir-i-Sharia’s Syed Attaullah Shah Bukhari(RA) appropriately describes the ever changing traits of Mirza’s nature:

“The time at every turn discloses thousands of different moods, even then it regrets that it cannot compete with a chameleon (in its capacity to change and exploit every moment and occasion to its advantage).”

[Pages of authentic writings of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani making the claim to be seventy one entities were ommitted to save space.]

Finally, A fervent appeal is made to the Mirzais (Lahoris as well as Qadianis) to go through the claims and so called “inspirations” of Mirza Ghulam carefully and come to the just and impartial conclusion. They should in all fairness declare unanimously and in clear terms who and what Mirza was. Simultaneously, they should repent and reject the doctrines propounded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian and come back to the fold of Islam, again safe and sound.

Our duty is only to convey the message.

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