Statement of Maulana Manzoor Ahmed Chinioti

Regarding the Qadiani (Ahmadiyya) Cult

[From the Book: Al-Qadiani and his Faith, Maulana Manzoor Ahmed Chinioti]

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent and Merciful

Praise be to one Allah alone and salat and salam on His Apostle after whom there is no Prophet to be born. There is no ummah after His Ummah and no book after His book; and salat and salam on His family and on His Companions and on those who follow His path and may this continue upto the Last Day.   Amen.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was born1 in the year 1840 in the province of the Punjab. His native town – Qadian – is now in India. He made declaration of his Nubuwwah in 1900 and regarded everyone who disbelieved his false prophethood as being an infidel. The British Government of that time not only aided him in his nefarious mission but it was the government itself who rooted this poisonous plant in the realms of Islam. Mirza himself has admitted this fact in his writings.The British Government gave him full support and protection and he, in return, continued to work as its stooge and agent. He gave the verdict that the theory of Jehad was abrogated and said that obedience to the British government was obligatory for everyone. He propagated these views everywhere, even in Mecca and Medina. Qadian remained the center of his mission until he died of cholera3 at the age of 68 in May, 1908.

When India was partitioned, Pakistan came into existence and the Qadianis who migrated to Pakistan, along with Muslims, founded a new town – Rabwah – in Pakistan. Thereafter Rabwah became the center of their mission.

Muslim scholars were apprehensive of this calamity from its very beginning. They fought against it with tongue and pen and agreed upon the facts that Mirza and his followers were kafir and renegades from Islam. These scholars wrote very useful books on this subject.

A short tract is presented here on this important issue which deals with the claims of the pseudo prophet, under the following headings: –

  1. His claim to being a Nabi prophet.

  2. His belief in the death of Isa (PBUH).

  3. His contention that whosoever does not believe in his prophethood is kafir.

  4. His devotional support of the British Government.

  5. His declaration forbidding Jehad.

  6. His regeneration of holy places and holy personalities.

  7. His disparagement of the prophets (PBUT) and his claim of superiority to them, even to the greatest of them, the Seal of the prophets, Muhammad (PBUH).

Everything presented here is based upon quotations from Qadiani books (page references are cited), although succeeding editions may differ in places, no explanatory note or comment is given.

May God help us and guide us all along the righteous path.

Manzoor Ahmed Chinioti
Principal Jamia Arabia Chiniot (Pakistan)

1. See Kitab ul-Barriyah, P. 134.
2. See Tableegh-e-Risalat, Vol. 7, P. 19.
3. See Hayat-e-Naser, p. 14.

Comments of Al-Sheikh Hasnain Muhammad Makhloof on Maulana Chinioti’s booklet on Qadianism:

I have studied this booklet thoroughly. That faith of Mirza of Qadian and that of his followers has been clearly explained in it. But, elucidating their self-styled faith, full justice has been done to the subject. Maximum publicity should be given to this booklet so that it may serve as a searchlight for truth and clear the doubts in the mind of the readers created by the false propaganda of the Qadianis.

Hasnain Muhammad Makhloof
Ex-Grand Mufti of Egypt and
Kubbar-al-Ulama Al-Azhar and member of
the Muslim World Congress, Macca
12 Rabiul awwal, 1394 Hij.


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