Statement of Mufti Muhammad Shafi of Pakistan Qadianis Exposed and Condemned!

[From his preface to Imam Muhammad Anwar Shah al-Kashmiri’s
“al-tasrih bi-ma tawatara fi nuzul al-masih”]

The impetus for compiling [the book] and arranging it was a blind tribulation and great catastrophe which appeared in India, our country, in the form of the Mirzai sect, whose first leader (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) claimed prophethood; nay, excellence over most of the prophets (upon them be peace)!  He pronounced that he was the Messiah of whose descent at the end of time the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) had spoken. Then, this folly led him to vain claims and idle aspirations to the extent that they led him to deny half of the religion (of Islam), reject proofs – texts of the Clear Guide {i.e. the Noble Qur’an.}- and reject ahadith of the Trustworthy Prophet (upon him be peace). That is because the discerning texts and mass-narrated reports which have come regarding the life of Jesus (upon him be peace) and his descent at the end of time were a barrier between him and his devilish objectives; so, he defied the bulk of them by denial and distortion. The wretch did not care that denial and distortion of the ahadith is precisely a denial of the Messengership of Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), an extrication from Islam, and a forsaking of the religion! We seek refuge with Allah from such a fate.

This man claimed first – following in the footsteps of the Jews – that Jesus, son of Mary (upon him be peace), died and was buried in Kashmir! Then, he proceeded to the rest of the clear proof – texts and explicit ahadith which have appeared regarding the descent of Jesus son of Mary (upon him be peace) – and fumbling about like a blind camel, he began strifling with and distorting them! He claimed that (the Prophet’s (may Allah bless him and grant him peace)) intended meaning in (mentioning) the Descent of Jesus (upon him be peace) in all of these ahadith was actually the descent of his likeness, not Jesus son of Mary, the Israelite prophet himself, for he had died. After this preparation, he found the arena of speech wide-open, and so claimed that he was that likeness whose descent had been promised!!

His reprehensible attributes and despicable traits left no need for anyone to undertake refutation of his claims, for the traits in which he had become established from early in his life themselves gave lie to him in all that he claimed, and revealed his true colors. He can scarcely be likened to a venerable, respectable human being, let alone the Messiah or the likeness of him! Thus, none of the scholars heeded him at the start of his affair, nor did they pay attention to his errors and fallacies. (That was) until his ember became a live coal, and his puddle became a flood, so that his tribulation spread through the region and swelled! It awakened tribulations like pieces of the darkest night were agitated.

That was because, when this crafty fellow saw that if people knew the traits and attributes expected from the Messiah – as is documented in the Book and the Sunnah -, they would notice their absence in him and would scrutinize his every affair; then, his jinn would have flown, exposing what it had concealed, and reducing him nothing in hand but humiliation and ruin. Had the people known the truth, his covering would have been ripped away amidst his associates and supporters.

Therefore, his devil inspired him to divert their thoughts from this issue – which would have dismissed the matter in a manner not satisfying to him, such that folly would have led to disgrace – to subjects which have no connection with his fallacious claims, nor avail him naught in his idle aspirations. For example, ‘Is Jesus (upon him be peace) alive, or has he died? Was he bodily lifted to the sky, or not? Will he himself descend at the end of time, or his like?’

In short, he made these themes a snare for his prey, and thereby diverted people’s attention to them by (means of) this design. You realize that even if we were to concede (for the sake of argument) that Jesus (upon him be peace) has died a death after which he will not be raised up until the Day of Resurrection, and that the one whose descent has been promised is his likeness rather than himself; tell me, then, how would his death necessitate that this wretch is his likeness and the Promised Messiah?! Nay, between him and his aspirations are intraversible, arid, barren, wildernesses, and expansive deserts which cannot be compassed for fear of death! This will always be the case, for he has not produced any proof for them, and he will never produce any, even if he were to enlist the support of his devil, who would bring down for him his ‘heavenly bride’, and (even if) all the wailers were to wail for him, and he were to cry out for help to his brother, the False Messiah!

The ahadith about the Descent of Jesus (upon him be peace) are Mass-Narrated

Allamah Sayyid Mahmud Alusi said in his exegesis “Ruh al- Ma`ani”{vol. VII, p. 60.}, “And this (i.e. the finality of prophethood) is not detracted from by that upon which the ummah has concurred, and regarding which the reports are famous and perhaps reach the level of mass-narration by meaning, and regarding which the Book has spoken – according to one view; in which it is obligatory to believe, and the deniers of which – such as the philosophers – commit disbelief : (namely) the descent of Jesus (upon him peace) at the end of time, because he was a prophet before our prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) was endowed with prophethood in this genesis.”


The synopsis of this treatise and the absolute aim of this report are so clear that they should reach everyone with two ears, and that everyone with two eyes should see, that the one who was sent with the moderate affair, (he who is) the most sympathetic of the prophets towards the nations, our most noble prophet, the prophet of the prophets (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), since he was the last of the prophets and the Seal of the Prophets, and since there is not decreed any prophet after him who could stand in his place and afford his utility by informing mankind of all that benefits or harms them and (of) the ins and outs {literally “the hot and the cold”.} of their affairs, and (since) it was painful for him that they should be afflicted after him, he therefore desired to clarify for them the path of truth and the way of peace, such that no secret of it should remain hidden, and in order that they might attain their goal with unabating safety. Thus, he clarified for them all that would be needed by a traveler on this path, in (traversing) the lowlands and the highlands, the elevations and the depressions. So, there is not any directing guide whose appearance is decreed in the ummah, except that he informed of him. Nor is there any deviant diverter (from the truth) whose emergence is decreed, until the Day of Arising, except that he has informed us of him, to the extent that he has disclosed to us most of what will occur before the Hour (of Judgement) in the way of tribulations, the apparent thereof as well as the hidden. He presented to us the Signs of the Hour such that he did not leave any place for obscurity, nor any position of confusion.

Since the Descent of Jesus, son of Mary (upon him and upon our Prophet be peace), is one of the greatest signs of the Hour and among the most important, and in its concealment and confusion lie great destruction for the ummah, the One Full of Concern Over the Believers, the Pitying, the Merciful {i.e. the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) Qur’an, 9:128.} – may my father and mother be his ransom – exercised the greatest of care over it. He went to the greatest of lengths to explain it, such that it is not possible for anyone to describe someone better, to the extent that he caused, thereby, deaf ears to hear, blind eyes to see, and hardened hearts to be dilated. Perhaps he (may Allah bless him and grant him peace), by means of divine inspiration, was informed of this renegade sect, its deception and deceit of mankind, so that he saw the most likely place for their whisperings and took account of it, and he sought out the cracks in their deceptions and blocked them.

Messages and letters reach from the East to the West with three or four words, for only the name, address and country of the addressee are written on them. It would be the height of exaggeration to write thereupon (the addressee)’s father’s name and the name of the most famous adjoining city. Yet, in spite of (this brevity used in writing the address), no-one is confused about the address, nor can a person take another’s letter. So, what then of this book, in which (all) these details have been specified, all this clarification has been made regarding them? How can it subject, then go astray, and (how can) his identity be confused?!

Then, we see that the letters of kings amongst themselves, and (indeed, the letters) of all people amongst themselves, bear mention of familiar events and important regulations, and they do not explain even a hundredth of what the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) has done. Yet, in spite of this, matters are not ambiguous for them, nor is anything of the (desired) intent confused. To the contrary, matters are discharged, gifts are given, punishment and retaliation are enforced, and (in fact) marriages and all the rest of human dealings are conducted on their basis.

By Allah! I do not know, then, how (the Qadianis) can be blind to this shining dawn, such that they denied all the reports from the Harbinger of Glad Tidings, the Warner (may Allah bless him and grant him peace)? Are their eyes blind, or do they not see? They have not wronged (the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace)), but (rather) they have wronged their own selves. So, away with this liar who has come and denied these proof-texts and interprets speech in a manner which is neither approved by its speaker nor allowed by its manner of expression. He distorts words from their context, and takes all of these proof-texts as figurative statements and metaphors, except for the white minaret, the building of which could be facilitated by money, and which he therefore built! On this one (point), he laid claim to and professed the office of Messiahship. In his ignorance, he considered himself safe of the consequences!

Alas, then for the servants! How did they believe in his distortions after this lucid explanation which appears like the crack of dawn and the light of day?! They affirmed him in that the one who descends is not the Messiah, Jesus, Son of Mary, the Israelite prophet, and that what is meant by Jesus, Son of Mary (upon him be peace) is this Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – upon him be whatever (he deserves). Is this anything but explicit denial of the most truthful of mankind in speech, the trustworthy prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace)? Is this anything but a mocking of the religion and its texts? Woe, then to them, on account of that which their hands have earned! Woe to them on account of the deception they practice!

If a transgressor were to claim that he is the husband of such-and-such woman, and that Allah, the possessor of Blessings, the Exalted, has named him in the heavens with the name which her husband is called by – in the manner which this wretch has claimed about the messiah (upon him be peace) – would the woman then be given up as a wife to him based on this perjury? Or would the man be reckoned to be mad and thus isolated in confinement?!

But, what would reveal his blindness after leaving the way to acceptance of this ‘interpretation’? As if a wife refuses that she is the bride of the man [she is married to] and claims that she is someone else? Or, [as if] a man comes to you arguing with you about your home, saying that he is the owner of this home. Tell me, how could you deny him that if these ‘interpretations’ were valid in the clear proofs of the descent of Jesus (upon him be peace)?!

The maximum which is stated for (purposes of) specification in marriages, commercial transactions and all other dealings is the name of the individual and his father’s name or a little something of his characteristics whereby he is recognized by people. This (detail) does not reach one hundredth of that which he (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) has explained about the biography of the Messiah, his identification and delineation of his circumstances. If these ‘interpretations’ in these dealings are reckoned to be foolishness and insanity in the eyes of people, such that none of them heeds it, then by Allah, the ‘interpretation’ of Mirzais regarding the descent of the Messiah, and (their) considering him to be other than the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, after this lucid explanation, is surely more deserving to be considered insanity. It is more rightful that no Muslim, nor (even) a rational person should listen to it.

Thus, it has been established by the text of the Qur’an and its exegesis from the mass-narrated ahadith. “So, let whoever wishes believe and let whoever wishes disbelieve.” {Qur’an, 18:29.} And now, we call, with the assistance of Allah, the Powerful, the Mighty, at the tops our voices : if the wretched adversary claims contrary to this, then let him produce something the like of these ahadith from the Qur’anic verses, along with their exegesis, not from his ridiculous opinions, misrepresentations and distortions! And they will never produce the smallest or slightest part of that, “though they were helpers, one to the other.” {Qur’an, 17:88.}

Muhammad Shafi`
May Allah bless him

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