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We are looking forward to hearing from you on how we can best neutralize Qadiani leadership’s attempts at misrepresenting Islam and the Finality of Prophethood. It is the obligation of every Muslim to remain alert to this great threat to uninformed people everywhere.

Meanwhile, please remain on the alert to the fraudulent translations of the Holy Quran being circulated by Qadianis. Please check the Qurans available in your area of residence, travel, work, study, or influence. If they show any of the following names, then press for the sake of Allah for the immediate removal of such copies and replace them with authenticated copies that are available from Muslim centers or us. The fraudulent names are as follows:

  • Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad Qadiani
  • Malik Ghulam Farid Qadiani
  • The Late Moulvi Sher Ali Qadiani
  • Muhammad Zafarullah Khan Qadiani
  • Moulvi Mohammad Ali Lahori Qadiani


Please consider making a donation to assist us in our attempt at serving of the cause of Islam and Khatmay-Nabuwat (Finality of Prophethood) of the last prophet, Muhammad(SAW), in the North America.

Please make your donations payable to “Idara”
Idara Dawat-O-Irshad, USA Inc.
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Tel: (703) 256-8622
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