714 Souls Save Themselves and Their Families

Zafar Iqbal, one of our young brothers in Islam, has reported that Qadiani (Ahmadi) missionaries have been actively targeting the Bosnian Muslim refugees in Germany. Taking advantage of the information void in Bosnian, Qadiani missionaries had been able to hide their doctrinal differences and had portrayed themselves as the followers of a Sunni movement.

Using their financial resources, they had convinced many needy Bosnian refugees, who would have undoubtedly rejected similar advances from Christian missionaries, to identify themselves with their organization. Qadiani missionaries routinely use the well proven strategy of hiding the truth and hoping that, by the time an accurate picture of their doctrine becomes obvious, the descendants of the people they have misguided have become too socially and emotionally attached to their group to accept the advice and warnings of sincere and informed believers.

However, by the grace of God, the information campaign launched by brother Zafar Iqbal and other young energetic Muslims in the region easily turned many of these sincere Bosnians around. No sooner they were shown the evidence that Mirza Ghulam had claimed to be a prophet, that more than seven hundred refugees, in Heilbronn alone, rejected Qadianism and the financial support of the Qadiani missionaries. Fortunately, most newly indoctrinated individuals are not easily brainwashed and, upon learning the truth, prefer to save their soul and the soul of their family members to anything Qadiani leaders can promise them.

There is hope that many of the people who have been born into this movement will also realize the truth and will decide, in love and humility, to denounce Qadianism and save their own souls.

say: “The losers are those who will lose themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection. Verily, that will be a manifest loss!”
(The Holy Quran, Az-Zumar, 39:15)

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