Fatwa of Islamic Community of the Bosniaks in the U.S.

Assalamu Aleikum:

Destroyers of Islam from Bosnia-Herzegovina in the U.S.

Our Bosnia-Herzegovina Muslims, after enduring suffering and harsh circumstances, are now dealing with this equally harmful cult called “Qadianiyyat”, or better known in the West as “Ahmadiyyat”. This cult is falsely presenting itself to our fellow Muslims as brothers who want to help them. However, they are only interested in increasing the membership of their cult, and as a matter of fact they began as a cult with a hatred for Islam, and especially toward the Prophet Muhammad(SAW). They wish to weaken Islam and destroy it from the inside.

As a legitimate leader of Islam in the U.S., I feel obligated to open the eyes of our people and warn them away from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the false self-proclaimed prophet, who has been denounced by Muslim scholars as having gone against the religion.

“Whoever wishes to have another religion besides Islam will not be accepted by Allah, the beneficent the Merciful, and he will be of those whom are doomed.” [The Holy Quran]

Any Muslim man or woman who joins the “Ahmadiyya Cult” will cease to be Muslims and will be subject to the following conditions:

  • He cannot be given the Islamic funeral rites, nor can he be buried in an Islamic cemetery;
  • No Muslim man or woman is allowed to marry a person from this cult;
  • Meat that is slaughtered by someone in this sect is considered “haram” and, therefore, is prohibited from being consumed by Muslims;
  • Visiting any of their places of worship, which they falsely call mosques, is strictly prohibited.

Sadly, there have been quite a few Bosnians who have been recruited by the Ahmadiyya and who are now fallen Muslims and are traitors to our Muslim identity by working for them to recruit more innocent Muslims. Some have been promised apartments and a good wage if they are able to recruit more of our mujahedins. Because of this, my brothers and sisters, beware and do not allow any one to lead you astray. All of your religious needs may be met by visiting us at the address above or by calling our number.

By the word of your highest religious leader,

Senad Agic, Head Imam

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