Mirza Sahib’s Disciple Sees the Light

Saves his own Soul

Quotes are from Qadiani books

Mirza Sahib wrote:

“…He (Abdul Hakim) claims to have been inspired that I am a dajjal (impostor), kafir (unbeliever),  and kazzab (habitual liar)…The enemy (Abdul Hakim) who wishes for my death will soon die.  He shall be annihilated in my presence as were annihilated the ‘companions of the Elephant�…”

The end of the 19th century presented a period of great uncertainty and harsh trial for the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent who had become subjects of the British rule some years earlier. Under the oppressive and inhumane rule of the British, thousands of innocent citizens and numerous Muslim scholars were imprisoned, tortured, or martyred for speaking out against the ungodly regime. To make the matters worst, the British government provided financial or material support to movements willing to support their anti-Islamic agenda in the subcontinent. One organization born out of such an arrangement was the so called �Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam�, which is known as Qadianism by Muslims world over.

Under the continued patronage of the British colonialists, this small political and social movement had found a following among the mostly uneducated people of the village of Qadian, India. The founder of the movement, a man by the name of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, had established this organization under the guise of service to Islam.  His early followers, according to his own writings, were either somehow affiliated with the British establishment or had joint his movement in good faith hoping to serve Islam.  Over time, Mirza Ghulam sahib disclosed his true agenda and, in a slow and calculated fashion, claimed to be (Allah forbid) receiving wahi (revelation) and be the Promised Mahdi, the Promised Messiah, a Prophet of Allah, and an incarnation of Prophet Muhammad(SAW)!

As his claims became more and more outrageous, many of the individuals who had joint the movement in good faith abandoned Ahmadiyyat, repented, and re-embraced Islam. One such individuals was a doctor by the name of Abdul Hakim. For twenty years, Dr. Hakim had been a close supporter of Mirza Ghulam sahib; however, upon discovering Mirza sahib�s latter claims, he separated from the Qadiani movement and commenced exposing the falsehood and hypocrisy of its leadership.

In a public gathering, Mirza Ghulam sahib entered into a discussion with Dr. Abdul Hakim.  Dr. Hakim openly rebuked all his claims, called him an impostor, and challenged him to an open debate.  As it has been the habit of all Qadiani leaders, Mirza sahib refused the debate and instead announced that:

“Abdul Hakim will die during my life-time, as he insults and disgraces me. He shall not live to insult me.”

Dr. Hakim, who after twenty years had become quite familiar with the strategy of the Qadiani leaders, was not influenced by the threat of Mirza sahib in the least and, on May 4, 1907, announced:

“The Qadiani pretender will die within fifteen months from today.”

Mirza Ghulam was quite outraged and composed a long reply. He wrote in his publication:

“Another enemy has appeared now; his name is Abdul Hakim Khan and he is a doctor who lives in state of Patiala. He claims that I shall die in his life-time, before the fourth of August 1908, as the sign of his truthfulness.  He claims to have been inspired that I am a dajjal (impostor), kafir (unbeliever), and kazzab (habitual liar). At first, he had taken bay�at with me and for twenty years he had continuously been in my Jama’at (movement) and one of my disciples; however, now he has become an unbeliever (e.g. not a Qadiani)� God has informed me, however, that he will be afflicted with torturous punishment and God will perish himI shall, on the other hand, remain safe from his mischief. This is a matter in the control of God. Undoubtedly, God will help those who are truthful…”
(Chashma-e-Maeroofat, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 23, P. 337; Ain-ul-Marifa, P. 321-322, May 1908)

He added further:

“The enemy (Abdul Hakim) who wishes for my death will soon die. He shall be annihilated in my presence as were annihilated the ‘companions of the Elephant� (a reference to chapter of Elephant in the holy Quran).”   (Tabsara)

But, Allah(SWT) intended to make the prophecies of this pretender a sign of his falsehood and give his unfortunate followers another wake up call.  Mirza Ghulam died suddenly and unexpectedly, on the morning of May 25, 1908.  Allah(SWT) had made the prediction of Dr. Hakim come to pass, while He had rejected all the false prophecies Mirza sahib had attributed to Him.  It is significant to note that, to influence the uneducated people of Qadian, Mirza sahib had earlier declared that:

“Let it be known to unbelieving persons that my truthfulness or falsehood will be judged by my prophecies. There is no other touchstone for it.”
(Pamphlet, 10th July 1888; and Aina-e-Kamalat-i-Islam, P. 288)

Unfortunately, even after many conclusive signs of the falsehood of Qadianism, still a few lost souls, blinded by their thirst for authority, fame, or fortune or their foolish pride in their heritage, insist in claiming that Qadianism represents �True Islam� and misguide the uninformed with their false speech.

For decades, fearful that the truth about their movement will be know, the Qadiani leadership has refused to participate in debates or Mubahala with Muslims scholars and has instead hid behind their unislamic habit of attempting to confuse the uninformed, cursing those who speak against them, and claiming that the death of anyone as the result of accident, terrorism, illness, or old age has been the conclusive proof of their truthfulness!  Is it not an utterly unwarranted claim and a sign of their ideological defeat that the Qadiani leadership has the face to even lay claim to “divine miracles”, when their own so called “prophet” repeatedly failed in prophecies he had made in the name of Allah(SWT)?  Are the Pakistani Qadiani missionaries now claiming that their current leader is superior to the very founder of their religion?!

We ask that Allah(SWT) may open the eyes and hearts of those misguided by such faith and guide them back to reason and the straight path of Islam.  Ameen.

To those who reject Our signs and treat them with arrogance, no opening will there be of the gates of heaven, nor will they enter the garden, until the camel can pass through the eye of the needle: Such is Our reward for those in sin.
(The holy Quran, Al-Araf, 7:40)

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