Ahmadi/Qadiani Leaders Change Belief System!

by Illias Suttar

By the Grace of Allah, the Ahmadi/Qadiani Leaders appear to have stopped believing that Jesus(pbuh) was worshipped after “his death”! How unfortunate that they will now have to throw away the mountain of literature they had spent one hundred years to invent in support of this view!

After the god-gifted discovery of another huge contradiction in the claims of Mirza Saheb, on one hand alleging that Paul had made Jesus(pbuh) into the Son of God and, on the other, stating that Jesus(pbuh) had died in 120 A.D., well after Paul’s death in 65 A.D., the Ahmadi/Qadiani Scholars have now been forced to change their belief system! Instead of believing in Mirza Saheb’s “revelation” that Jesus(pbuh) was worshipped as the Son of God after his death, the Ahmadi/Qadiani missionaries are now claiming that Jesus(pbuh) was worshipped as the Son of God, in Palestine and elsewhere, when he was still alive in Kashmir!

Mirza Saheb, arguing for the death of Jesus(pbuh), claimed on page 135 of his book ‘Anjam-e-Atham‘ that, “If Jesus is alive in the heavens, then the Christians must be on the right path”Yet, Kashmir is much nearer to Palestine and Rome than the Heavens are! This new view of the Qadiani leadership also contradicts the claims of Mirza Ghulam. Will the Ahmadis/Qadianis then reflect?

The new position of the Ahmadi/Qadiani missionaries is that only a handful of people had been worshipping Jesus(pbuh), when he was alive in Kashmir; the majority of Christians, they claim, began worshipping him only 2 or 3 centuries later! Sadly, once more the Qadiani/Ahmadi leadership has shown that, by selectively accepting what they claim to view as “revelation”, they are following, span by span and inch by inch, in the footsteps of the People of the Book. Allow us to reason together and see the futility of this new position.

“Seed Sowing”

Mirza Saheb, in his book ‘Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain‘, vol. 11 pg. 321, while arguing his case for the death of Jesus(pbuh), has written:-

a) The meaning of the verse “Falamma Tawaffaitani” is that the Christians will go astray after the death of Jesus(pbuh) and not during his lifetime.

b) So, if we assume that Jesus(pbuh) is not yet dead, then we will have to agree that Christians are not yet on the wrong path; and this is absolutely false.

c) Rather, the verse “Falamma Tawaffaitani” is saying that the Christians remained faithful only during the lifetime of Jesus(pbuh).

d) (IMPORTANT) Corruption had already begun during the period of the disciples.

e) (IMPORTANT) If the period of the disciples had been such that the Christians had still been on the right path, then in this verse, Allah would not have linked it with the lifetime of Jesus(pbuh) only, but would have included the lifetime of the disciple as well.

f) Thus at this juncture, a very good point (Mirza Saheb himself is calling it a good point ) in the period of Christianity is illustrated and that is that, in truth, during the time of disciples themselves, the seed of shirk was sown in Christianity.

Observations and Objections

1) If a seed is sown in 1990 and it becomes a plant 1 foot tall in 1991, 2 feet tall in 1992, and 9 feet tall in 1999, we shall simply say that the seed was sown in 1990. We can’t say that the seed was sown in 1991 or 1999.

2) Mirza Saheb himself says that Paul sowed the seed of trinity in Christianity. Yet, the Ahmadis/Qadianis are forgetting seed sowing by Paul and are speaking not of seed sowing, but of a plant 2 to 3 hundred years old!

When Ahmadis/Qadianis themselves so easily abrogate the belief of Mirza Saheb, why would they invite others to believe in the claims of Mirza Saheb?

3) In paragraph (f), Mirza Saheb fixes the period of seed sowing of Trinity between the period after the death of Jesus(pbuh) and before the death of the Disciples.  Why are the Ahmadi/Qadiani leaders refusing to believe in the claims of Mirza Saheb?

Mirza Saheb praises his idea of seed sowing after the death of Jesus(pbuh) and before the death of disciples in the following way:-

a) A very good point;

b) In Truth;

c) If the timing had been different, Allah would have changed the verse, and linked it not with life of Jesus(pbuh), but also the lifetime of the disciples.

Is it a small point that Allah would have changed the verse of the Holy Qura’n?!

Since the Ahmadi/Qadiani missionaries now want to change the timing of seed sowing, would they be able to do so, without first changing the verse of the Holy Qura’n?!

Instead of changing the unchangeable ayah, they should humbly admit to the Truth and change their misplaced faith in a false Prophet (Mirza Saheb).

What greater proof to call?
Or insist ye the roof to fall?

Failure of Qadiani Leadership

The magazine of Ahmadis/Qadianis, Al-Fazal (International), London, in its issue of November 26, 1998, has tried to reply to my article under the heading, “Zabardust Ilmi Moajaza“, by Maulana Dost Muhammad Shahid. This article has also been printed in Ahmadis/Qadianis fortnightly magazine, “Al-Musleh”, Karachi, Pakistan.

Before starting with his answer to my points, Maulana Dost Muhammad Shahid says, on page 13 of “Al-Musleh”:- “The sahabi of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood(RTA) said: ‘He who answers all questions of people is mad’.” Quite interestingly, he has not answered my question (on which I have announced reward of Rs. 10 million) by taking recourse to this statement of Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood(RTA)!!!

But is my question foolish or just a nuisance?! So many Ahmadis/Qadianis have already been blessed to have embraced Islam because of that question and the Ahmadi/Qadiani Scholars claim that if they answer that question then they are mad!

Maulana Dost Muhammad Shahid has titled his article, ‘Zabardast Ilmi Moajaza‘. Funny, if he answers my questions, then he is mad and, if he does not answer my questions, then his article is “Ilmi Moajaza” (e.g. “Intellectual Miracle”)!  How does it become “Intellectual Miracle” without using any intellect and without providing any answers?!

I have announced, in a printed leaflet, that if Mr. Mirza Tahir Ahmad, in his Friday sermon, only says on oath on Allah that: On page so and so, in paragraph so and so, Maulana Dost Muhammad Shahid has given a complete answer to your reward bearing question, then I will give Rs. 10 million as reward to Mr. Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

In my teens, sitting in the Accountancy class of Dacca College, Dhaka, Bangladesh on October 18, 1961, I typed a few lines upon seeing dark, rainy clouds approaching:

The angry clouds are coming
O! let us be aware
The angry clouds will shower rain
O! let us now prepare
Let us build the shed above
O! let us shut the door
Let us fill our hearts with love
O! some will die and some endure.

Just one verse after the “Tawaffaitani” verse, Allah, the Exalted, states:

“This is the Day whereon the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness.”
(The Holy Quran, 5:119).

Do you still insist on deviation from truthfulness?
Let us fill our hearts with love and embrace the Truth…

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