Dr. Abdus Salam and the Nobel Prize


Dr. Abdus Salam got the Nobel Prize toward the end of 1979. A Preliminary outline of the following Article was already written at that time. But in those days there were strict restrictions of censure. And our friends looked on (monthly), Bayyenat with a special favor. Even though only a photocopy of the articles, already published in contemporary papers of Karachi, was included in Bayyenat, yet the command of the bureaucracy (in which the Qadianis were Prominent) descended that it could not be Published in Bayyenat. It was submitted: Please see! This article has already been published in an esteemed monthly of Karachi, and we are Publishing the Photocopy of the same. In answer it was ordained: Whatever be! Bayyenat cannot print this article. Obviously, what could be said in response to this royal decree!

On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of Darul-Uloom Deoband, a special publication, ‘Pakistan meyn Faizan-e-Darul-Uloom’, (Darul-Uloom‘s bounty in Pakistan) running into 300 pages was compiled. But not only that it could not be published, it was so pilfered that its copies could not be traced in spite of search. Moreover its handwritten manuscript too was stolen. The same calamity befell this article….

Later other issues absorbed our thought and sight and this article receded into oblivion. Therefore it is being published rather belatedly. However, this delay ushered in a silver lining: we got the opportunity to draw upon the latest information on the subject. It is our pleasure to present the article revised and revamped for our readers.

Muhammad Yusuf
2/5/1408 A.H.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

The Nobel Prize was proposed for Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani on October 15, 1979, and it was awarded to him on December 10, 1979.

Qadiani-Jewish Lobby

What is this Nobel Prize? What Qadiani motives are behind this award? This analysis should have been carried out earlier; however, the Qadiani-Jewish lobby unleashed an immediate and enormous propaganda campaign to forestall a forthright consideration of the issue and cover up their motives. Thus few people could get an opportunity to examine the ramifications of this award to Dr. Abdus Salam.

First of all, the Qadianis made an effort to show that the bestowal of this award was something in the nature of a super-natural happening, a miracle which Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani had accomplished. Secondly, an effort was made to prove through this award that the spiritual sire of Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani, i.e., Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, was an oracle who predicted such super-natural deeds. These calculations were bound to produce favorable impressions on Muslims, chiefly upon those who neither know the facts about the Nobel Prize nor care what Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani is up to.

To counter this Qadiani propaganda, it is now necessary to lay bare some facts and to bring out the truth. Let us also examine the motives which Abdus Salam Qadiani and the Qadiani-Jewish lobby wish to achieve through this award and their nefarious hidden designs against Islamic nations of the world.

What is Nobel Prize?

In order to understand this, attention of readers is drawn to a booklet, entitled, First Ahmadi Muslim Scientist Abdus Salam, written by Mahmud Mujib Asghar Qadiani. This book has been written specifically for children and draws its subject matter from Encyclopedia Britannica. It reads: (Pages 49-51).

“Children! Nobel Prize is awarded in memory of a Swedish scientist Mr. Alfred Bernhard Nobel. He was born on October 21, 1833, at Stockholm, capital of Sweden. Nobel was a great chemical engineer. After his death, a Foundation was set up, named Nobel Foundation. This was according to his will. The Foundation awards. five Prizes every year and the first series of awards commenced in December 1901, on Nobel’s fifth death anniversary.

The Prize is awarded to those pre-eminent personages who excel in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Medicine, Literature and Peace. The Prize consists of a gold medal along with a certificate and a cash Prize of about L80,000.

Procedure for selection is that names of prospective candidates are submitted to a panel who represent certain agencies. They decide on the rightful persons. Names in respect of Physics and Chemistry are put up before Royal Academy of Sciences, Stockholm; in respect of Physiology and Medicine to Caroline Medical Institute, Stockholm; in respect of Literature, to Swedish Academy of France/Spain; and for World Peace, to a Committee, of five members elected by the Norwegian Parliament.�

Some Noteworthy Information

Some pertinent information related to the Nobel Prize is given below:

Alfred Bernhard Nobel

He was the inventor of dynamite. As a scientist, he carried out researches on gunpowder, torpedoes and ammunitions. At last, he purchased the world famous arms and ammunition manufacturing company, ‘Bofors’.

Brother Blown Up

Nobel’s brother and four other persons died during his tests, sacrificed on the altar of dynamite. This human loss frustrated Nobel and he endowed a large portion of his property for public charity as ‘Nobel Prize’, by way of a possible expiation of his sins.

Fiscal Details

The capital of the �Nobel Trust’ was $8,311,000 (according to exchange rate at that time). It was willed that the capital shall remain intact and deposited in banks and the amount of interest accruing on it will be equally divided and distributed in the form of cash awards to worthy personages in the above-mentioned five fields. if only one person in one field is found deserving then the whole amount ear-marked for it will be paid to him. In case of more than one winning Person (not to exceed three in any case) the amount will be proportionately divided. Another condition is that in the event of a recipient refusing the award, his portion will be added to the capital. When calculated on this basis, the amount of interest which accrued for a single field in 1948 was $32,000 which increased to $210,000 in 1980.

Some Recent Recipients of Nobel Prize

Indian Hindu, Raman

About 100 individuals have already received this ‘Award of interest’ in the field of Physics alone. C.V. Raman, an Indian Hindu, was the lone recipient of this Nobel Award in Physics in 1930. Another Indian naturalized in America won it in 1983.

Bengali Poet Tagore

In the field of Literature, an Indian Bengali Hindu, Rabindra Nath Tagore got this Nobel Prize. Some persons from Japan and South America have also received the Nobel Prize in Literature in the Japanese and other Latin American languages.

Kissinger of USA & Mr. Tho of Vietnam

In the field of ‘Peace’, Henry Kissinger of America and Mr. Tho of Vietnam were adjudged as winners for 1973, but the latter refused for reason of his inviolable sense of honor. These two persons were selected for conducting negotiations for cease-fire in Vietnam.

Indian Teresa, Egyptian Sadaat & Isreali Begin

An Indian national, named Teresa, a celibate woman, was honored with the award of Nobel Peace ‘ Prize in 1979. Egypt’s former President, Anwer Sadaat and his contemporary Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Begin were also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978. The latter was honored because of his services in getting Israel formally recognized by Egypt.


Pieces of information, related above, lead to the following conclusions:

  1. The Award is meant to preserve the memory of Mr. Nobel who taught the first “dynamic” lesson of destruction to man and is rightly considered the ‘Adam’ of ordnance factories the world over.
  2. Cash awarded in the Prizes is pure ‘Interest Accrual�. Our holy Prophet, Muhammad(SAW) has accursed both the beneficiaries, he who gives and he who takes interest.

    Our holy Prophet’s Companion, Hazrat Jabir(RA), says: Allah’s Prophet(SAW) has accursed the person who takes interest, gives interest, writes interest bonds, witnesses interest transactions, and he said they are all equal (in sin).

    The holy Quran has declared interest as a challenge of war against Allah and His Prophet(SAW).

  3. The Nobel Award is not any extraordinary event of human history. It is not of a super natural kind. Many countries, in public and private sectors, distribute different kinds of Prizes regularly. Nobel Prize is also of that category which some people get every year; Hindus of India and of Bengal got it; Jews and Christians of Israel, Europe and America got it; Christian preacher Teresa was honored with it (if the word, honor, is appropriate here). The Nobel award has been on-going for almost a century. Hundreds have been its recipients but has anyone heard that Jews, Christians, Hindus ever stormed the world in jubilation by saying that -“because our co-religionist has happened to get it, therefore our religion is most authentic” or that “the fact of our co-religionist’s receiving Nobel Prize proves truthfulness of our faith and its excellence over all others”!
  4. And what more! The Prize awarded to Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani was shared by three scientists. He was a share-holder with two more in the field of Physics in 1979. Does not a greater credit go to that Hindu who received it alone, unshared in 1930, and in the same field of Physics? If the ‘shared’ Prize of a Qadiani is a proof of his religion’s truthfulness, then the Hindu religion of a Hindu who got ‘unshared� Nobel Prize should deserve a greater cognizance and be deemed a greater proof of its truthfulness. Therefore, the incidence of Award to Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani is by no means a super-natural event but Qadiani hystero-maniacs, in the tradition of their sire, Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani, who himself suffered from this disease, trumpeted the award to be so.
  5. It may be remembered that when recipients of Nobel Prize are selected, there are under currents of political and religious considerations. Those who are selected to receive them awards are also ushered in by these expedience. If one takes a cursory look at the list of hundreds of names of individuals who received the Nobel Prize during one hundred years one would find that the recipients are mostly Jews, Christians, idol-worshippers, apostates and so on. (Please see Annex.) For the Swedish Judges, Muslim are rarely born to have produced great works in fields of Medicine, Literature, Physics etc. Selection made by these judges of Sweden is peculiar in the sense that for them a Hindu, Rabindra Nath Tagore deserves Prize for his poetry in the Bengali language; a Japanese author on his performance in the Japanese language; and in Spanish/Portuguese, South American scholars for their master-pieces but no writer, poet or literati from the Pakistan-India subcontinent could catch their eyes. Why? Because they are Muslims. Take for instance, Allama Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal. The whole world resounds with his artistry in literary performance. Renowned professors of England have considered it an honor for themselves to translate his master works into the English language and ‘pundits’ of Europe wag heads in approbation. But he did not deserve the Nobel Prize, because he sang for Muslim renaissance! Likewise, no Arabic or Persian masterpiece during 100 years was worth the Nobel consideration. Only Europe languages bagged the Nobel Prize predominantly during the century. (Thanks heaven Arabic after all caught the attention of the Swedish judges, maybe due to the publication of this article a few years ago).

    The Late Hakim Ajmal Khan was a wizard in the field of medicine. Dr. Salim-uz-Zaman’s scientific researches are well-known. But the Nobel recognition evades them. These are but a few ready instances otherwise who can list in names of many incomparable personages of the Islamic world of this century. For the Swedish judges, these persons did not possess the desired excellence and merit, but somehow Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani did. Good or bad, he is Qadiani and that stands for his excellence and merit. Actually, his only virtue is his enmity towards Islam and friendship with Jews. The Swedish ‘Daniels’ coming to judgment cherished this trait of Dr. Abdus Salam as par excellence and worthy of the Nobel Prize.

  6. If Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani was really so capable a scientist why did he not produce atomic fission in Pakistan next day in reply to India’s in 1973. At that time, he was Atomic Energy Adviser to President of Pakistan. This was part of his official duty. It is claimed for him that he possesses expertise in Nuclear Atomic Physics. If this is so, then his dire incompetence (or Pakistan enmity) pushed Pakistan many years behind India. If Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani could have come up with his technical proficiency at a time when Indian scientists had demonstrated theirs, then Pakistan would not have gone begging for technology to the West. In that situation, no one from international political scene would have raised finger at Pakistan’s competence in atomic field. Had Pakistan also exploded the device at the time when India did, then Pakistan would have been internationally exonerated from any blame. The matter would have stood closed and settled.

    But that did not happen. As a result, Dr. Abdus Salam’s incompetence, incapability and his Pakistan enmity ushered on us this day when the whole world is shouting against Pakistan’s peaceful atomic research program; so much so, that Americans, who are gullibly rated as well-wishers of Pakistan and friends, are asking Pakistan to desist from its researches. On the other hand is India who has fired up the entire world against Pakistan’s peaceful nuclear energy program. How wonderful! Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani has friendly terms with Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi! What is the perimeter of Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani’s scientific know-how against this backdrop.? How far is he loyal to Pakistan?

  7. Some conscientious persons with a sense of honor refused this Nobel Prize as a kind of bribe. But how could Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani refuse it? He was after it since long.

Story Behind Award

Why was Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani awarded? The answer is provided in an interview with Dr. Abdul Qadeer, our renowned nuclear scientist.

Q: “What do you have to say for the Nobel Award which Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani has received”?

A: “That too has been awarded on the basis of motives. Dr. Abdus Salam had been trying to get a Nobel Prize since 1957. At last, on the hundredth birth anniversary of Einstein, the desired Prize was given to him. The fact is that Qadianis have a proper mission operating in Israel since long. Jews wanted to please some like-minded person on the occasion of Einstein�s anniversary and so Dr. Abdus Salam was favored”.  (Weekly Chattan, Lahore, February 6,1986)

Dr. Abdul Qadeer’s above-quoted interview is a wise discernment. It is a sagacious hint in hushed tones that the Nobel Award is hinged with Qadiani-Jewish motives, secretly piled one over Another.

A Glimpse into Qadiani-Jewish Objectives

In Dr. Abdul Qadeer�s interview, there is one meaningful epithet. The epithet is “Like-minded”.

Most appropriate, because the Qadianis are great allies of the Jewish/Zionist movement. They cooperate with each other in spitting out venomous propaganda against Muslims on an international base.

Zionism is a sworn enemy of Islam since its inception. History testifies that they damaged the Islamic polity by motivating separatist movements. This time they have a protagonist in Qadianism and a ready mule to ride on. The award to Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani is in pursuance of a common cause of the antagonists of Islam.

Now, we shall examine those objectives which Qadianis, in their turn, have tried to extract from the bestowal of this interest-nurtured Award.

Objective No. 1: To Prove that Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani was a Prophet

“People of my Sect”

This award to Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani has been so vociferously celebrated that his personality is made to appear superhuman. Taking advantage of the blaze, Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani saw into it the opportunity to bamboozle the world to believe in the “prophetic” prediction of his spiritual sire, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. In evidence, a quotation is reproduced below from Qadiani Daily, �Al-Fazl’, in its issue dated November 13, 1979:

“A Day Before The Award!�

“London. The address, delivered by Professor Dr. Abdus Salam, to Sunday School students in Mahmud Hall of Mosque of London organized by Jamaat-e-Ahmadiya of Britain, carried one distinctive feature, that is the respected Doctor sahib quoted this holy prophetic saying of hazrat I promised Masih’, peace be upon him. ‘People of my Sect’ will attain so much perfection in knowledge and wisdom that by their standards, arguments and splendor of truth they would shut the mouths of all.”

�News received from Allah�

�On this very occasion, Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad turned the attention of the audience to another prediction of hazrat promised Masih, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, peace be upon him: the Sire had conveyed to his followers the good news received from Allah that they would reach such heights in knowledge and wisdom that the world will not be able to compete with them.

This ceremony was held on October 14, 1979 and the next day i.e., on the 15th, the Award was announced for Professor Dr. Abdus Salam. Praise be to Allah, repeated Praise to Allah for this”.

�Salam�s birth result of Prediction�

In his booklet, entitled Dr. Abdus Salam, Mahmud Mujib Asghar Qadiani writes:
“His (Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani’s) birth has proved the magnificent prediction the news of which, the Founder of Jamaat Ahmadiya, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, peace be upon him, received from Allah and had announced eighty years earlier that: ‘People of my sect will attain so much perfection in knowledge and wisdom that by their standards, arguments and splendor of truth they would shut the mouths of all’.”

�Allah accepted prayers for bestowal of Award�

Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani referred to this prediction himself in his address to the Annual Qadiani Meet in 1979 and said:

“I am filled with praise and glory to that holy Being Who accepted regular and continuous prayers of my present Imam, my parents and my friends of the Jamaat, thereby gladdening the hearts in the Islamic world and Pakistan”. (Qadiani newspaper Al-Fazl, Rabwah, Dated December 31, 1979).


It is in this manner that Qadianis have carried on an unending propaganda for the ‘interest accrued award’ and have presented it in colors of a miraculous event of human history. Simpletons have been made to believe in it. But anybody with commonsense knows that such profane ‘interest’-based matters have absolutely nothing to do with the divine missions of the holy Prophets of Allah. How can a commonplace object which is available to a Jew, a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a sweeper or a cobbler, can be a matter of distinction for a Prophet or his Ummah? On the other hand, it may be said most appropriately that boasting of winning fame and wealth from an accursed thing like ‘interest’ is an additional proof of the lies and falsehoods of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and his pack.

Objective No. 2: To Prove that Qadianis are Muslims

Non-Qadianis akin to ‘Sweepers and Cobblers’

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani had predicted: “Those who will keep outside (of Qadiani Jamaat) shall have no status. Their position will be that of sweepers and cobblers”.

Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Qadiani elucidated this statement. According to his opening address in the Annual Meet in 1932, reproduced in newspaper �Al-Fazl’ Qadian, Volume 2, Number 9, Dated Jan. 29, 1933, (Ref. ‘Qadiani Mazhab’ fifth print, P. 758), Mirza Mahmud Qadiani said:

“The above passage means that the sapling of Ahmadiyat, looking weak today, will become such an enormous tree one day that the nations of the world will get rest underneath. And Jamaat Ahmadiya which appears ordinary and humble today shall get so much vigor and importance that reins of religions, cultures, civilizations and politics of the whole world shall be in its hands. It shall have every type of authority. By its influence and access it shall be the most revered Organization of the world.

A large part of the world will enter into its fold. But those who by their bad luck would keep themselves aloof shall become characterless with no value or worth in society. In religious, cultural and political circles their call shall be as for as the present day ineffective and uncared clamors of sweepers and cobblers.”

Pakistan National Assembly’s Bold Step

The National Assembly of Pakistan having legally declared the Qadianis a non-Muslim minority on Sept. 7, 1974, expelled them from the Muslim religion and entered their name in the list of non-Muslim inhabitants of the country. This legal decree is a mortal blow for them and has successfully killed their infectious germs from blossoming.


The entire Islamic Ummah, in view of Qadianis’ heretic beliefs and their destructive motives against Islam, considered them renegades and out-casts, like ‘Musailamah Kazzab’ in the times of Allah’s Prophet(SAW). Moreover, the prediction of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani that “those who will keep outside (of Qadiani Jamaat) shall have no status; their position will be that of sweepers and cobblers”, has been disproved word by word. In Pakistan Constitution, names of both the organizations, i.e. Qadianis and Lahoris, have been entered below the category of Scheduled Casts, i.e., after the serial of sweepers and cobblers!

Objective No. 3: To Deceive the World that Qadianism has Glorified Islam

Abdus Salam Qadiani as a ‘Muslim” Scientist!

The Qadiani-Jewish lobby was trying to obliterate the black spot of Kufr from the Qadiani forehead for a long time and was making an effort to graft back that rotten portion which had been cut and thrown out from the Islamic body. For this purpose, the aforesaid lobby used Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani to show to the world that he was a “Muslim” scientist.

Qadianism as �Real Islam”

The following words of Qadiani newspaper, �Al-Fazl’, Rabwah, are noteworthy in this context: (November 13, 1979).

“Scientist Dr. Abdus Salam Sahib, the dutiful glorious son of Islamic world and its devoted votary who is prepared to lay his life for Ahmadiyat which is real Islam has said: ‘the only way to regain the lost Islamic magnificence in scientific technology is for our Ahmadi youth to come forward to gain perfection in these fields’. The respected Dr. Salam said that our Organization is out to revive Islam. Therefore, we should forge ahead in scientific knowledge besides other fields and attain perfection, thereby restore the lost Islamic greatness”.

‘I am first Muslim Scientist’

Pakistan National Assembly called its special session on Dec. 18, 1979, in which President General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq conferred Doctorate on Abdus Salam Qadiani on behalf of Quaid-e-Azam University in recognition of Nobel Prize Award. Speaking on this occasion Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani said: “I am the first Muslim scientist to be awarded the Nobel Prize”.

After this, the Qadianis ceaselessly started chanting Abdus Salam Qadiani as the “first Muslim scientist”. The object of this propaganda was evident. That in case Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani was admitted as a Muslim then all other Qadianis by the same analogy would be considered Muslims.

Arab Brethren Deceived

This propaganda resulted in our Arab brethren and Muslims’ taking Dr. Abdus Salam as a Muslim because they were not aware of his religion and beliefs. Hence it was under this misunderstanding-that Shah Hassan of Morocco issued a lengthy Royal decree in which Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani was accepted as a member of Moroccan National Academy with a tribute to him in these words:

“Your success has emblazoned Islamic civilization and thought”. (From Daily, ‘Al-Fazl’, June 29, 1980).

Under the same misunderstanding, Prince Muhammad Bin Faisal of Saudi Arabia cabled his congratulatory message:

“Nobel Award for Dr. Salam delighted Muslims and we are very pleased”. (From Weekly ‘Lahore’, Nov. 18, 1979).

Muslims of other countries also deceived

In January 1986, the fortnightly magazine Tahzeeb-ul-Akhlaq of Muslim University, Aligarh, India, brought out its ‘Abdus Salam Number’ in which Prof. Nasim Ansari produced the translation of an article in English written by Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani under the heading ‘Islam aur Science’. In his introductory words, Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani says:

�I start with the affirmation that my beliefs and actions are based on Islam. For this reason, I am a Muslim and I believe in Quran Kareem�. (Page 11).

In this magazine is included another article, ‘Abdus Salam-a Learned Scientist’ written by Prof. I. Ahmad (probably a Qadiani) in which he writes:

“He has a firm belief in the truthfulness of his Islamic religion and follows its directives meticulously”.

Also in this issue is a translation by Dr. Al Hassan of a speech by Prof. John Nariman (this gentleman appears to be a Jew) which reads:

‘Abdus Salam believes in Deen Islam and he has dedicated his life to the concept of unity”. (Page 37).


These are a few instances from numerous writings in which an effort has been made to grant a testimonial of Islam to Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani with the intent of deceiving Muslims. In other words, the Qadiani-Jewish lobby, by means of this award, has conspired to get Qadianism passed on as Islam and Islam as Qadianism.

Objective No. 4: To Fleece Oil Rich Muslim Countries by Slogan of Islamic

Foundation to Propagate Qadianism

Slogan of Islamic Foundation

Having armed himself with the certificate of Islam, Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani toured Islamic countries where he raised the slogan of ‘Islamic Science Foundation’ in order to show the Islamic nations that he was the greatest well-wisher of Muslims in the world. Obviously, this slogan caught the attention of Islamic countries who fell into this net.

Islamic Summit at Jeddah

The Daily ‘Nawa-i-Waqt’ in its editorial note dated Nov. 18, 1979, writes:

“It was in 1973, that a Pakistani scientist Dr. Abdus Salam put forth a proposal that all Muslim countries should join hands in setting up an Islamic Science Foundation. In pursuance of this proposal, a conference was held last week in Jeddah in which it was finally decided to set up such an Organization.

It was in 1974 itself that Islamic Summit Conference had formally accepted Dr. Abdus Salam’s proposal, but the actual decision to establish such a Foundation was now made at Jeddah. The Jeddah Conference which agreed to give practical shape to this proposal was also attended by Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani. Scientists from Muslim countries gathered there congratulated him and hailed him as a person of honor for the Islamic world.”

Qadiani Kafir entered Holy Hejaz

Qadianis are prohibited from entering Saudi Arabia but the jugglery of Islamic Science Foundation made that possible for Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani. He was afforded a reception at Jeddah. He played the bridegroom there and was hailed as the true pride of the Islamic world.

Wit stands scorched from amazement
What marvelous foolishness is this!

This is the height of cunningness of enemies of Islam and the self-forgetfulness of Muslims that a session of Muslim Science Foundation was managed to he held in the city of Jeddah on the select land of Holy Hejaz by a non-Muslim Qadiani, acknowledged as a Kafir-apostate. By the fact of his entry into Hejaz, Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani has rudely made faces at the Law of Saudi Arabia which bans entries of Qadianis and visa is prohibited for them.

Thanks heaven that Dr. Abdus Salam did not arrange the conference in Makkah/Madinah, Haramain Sharifain, else the unholy hoof would have desecrated that soil which would have amounted to a slap on the face of the Islamic world. How far are nets of Qadiani-Jewish conspiracy outspread! And how they achieve their ends by making a fool of Muslims!

One Billion Dollars, The Target

When Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani was so favorably received in the holy land of Hejaz he took the opportunity to repeat his demands louder. This resulted in his getting sanctioned an amount of 50 million dollars from the Muslim countries.

Qadiani newspaper, ‘Al-Fazl’, Rabwah, published an interview of Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani in which a question was put to him:

Q: What do you have to say about the ‘Science Foundation’ established by Islamic Conference?

A: “A step in the right direction, I am indeed happy. But my original proposal was better than the present decision. I had prevailed upon Mr. Bhutto in 1974 to establish a Foundation with a capital of one billion dollars and the Summit Conference had agreed upon it, but nothing happened after that. Then in 1981, General Zia-ul-Haq agreed to raise this issue in the Summit at Taif. The ‘Foundation’ was established but the proposed capital was reduced to only 50 million dollars. I have now learnt that the actual amount received so far by the ‘Foundation’ is only 6 million dollars. You would agree with me that Muslim governments can give more than that”. (Daily ‘Al-Fazl’, Rabwah, Oct. 8,1984).

Six Million Dollars Netted

Having received this sum, Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani still complained of apathy of Muslim countries and voiced his disappointment. The Daily ‘Jung�, London, reported as follows:

“Nobel awarded Pakistani scientist Dr. Abdus Salam to establish Science Foundation. Islamic Conference approves fifty million dollars instead of one billion.

“Jeddah (Jung, Foreign Desk): The Nobel Prize winner, Pakistani scientist Dr. Abdus Salam will establish a ‘Foundation’ for the progress of science in Islamic countries to enable their competent scientists to increase their technological skill.�

“In an Interview to ‘Gulf Times’, Dr. Abdus Salam said, ‘Solid measures have not been undertaken so far for the progress of scientific knowledge in Islamic countries’. Dr. Salam has established an international center of Organic Physics in Italy of which he is a Director. One thousand students study Physics in this center. International Atomic Institute and UNESCO have extended their cooperation to this center. Doctor said that the ‘Foundation’ shall be non-political and the scientists of Muslim countries shall manage it. Later on, it will be attached to the Islamic Conference Organization. However, Dr. Salam regretted that against his original proposal of a capital of one billion dollars the Islamic Conference only approved fifty million”. (Jung London, August 8, 1985).

Crocodile Tears

The Daily ‘Nawae Waqt’, Karachi, in its publication dated August 11, 1985, reported as under:

“Doctor Abdus Salam facing financial problems in establishment of Islamic Physics Foundation. New York, August 10, (APP): Nobel Prize winner, Doctor Abdus Salam has said that Islamic countries are keeping themselves aloof from international scientific technology and are unaware of the means necessary for scientific progress. He said he wanted to establish a �Foundation� for the progress of science. Islamic Conference sources have confirmed that the Conference has approved fifty million dollars, instead of one billion, while six million has already been released in one year. Dr. Abdus Salam appeared dejected over this issue!�

The idea behind shedding these crocodile tears was to put Muslim countries to shame and to goad them on to supply him more money.

Rich Sheikhdom Kuwait Trapped

As a result of the aforesaid treacherous drum beating, Kuwait fell into the bag of the Qadiani Doctor!

A report from the weekly Qadiani newspaper, �Lahore�, in its issue of August 2, 1986, says:

�Dr. Abdus Salam has emphasized on the oil producing countries of the Middle East to establish a Science Foundation for the progress of scientific knowledge in the area. He advised that initially one billion dollars should be spent on the formation of this Foundation which will help Muslim students to pursue study of science… Renowned and distinguished scientists of Islamic world will work in this �Foundation�….

Dr. Abdus Salam praised the role of Kuwait in its attempt to develop scientific knowledge in Islamic world. He said Kuwait Science Foundation and Kuwait University have provided him funds very generously.�


Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani takes six million dollars (Rs.15 crore) from oil rich countries in the initial stage and gulps it down. Immensely pleased he is that a large sum has been received, unshared, to convert Muslim youth into Qadianis. A knave puts oil rich countries to shame by mounting against them an unceasing propaganda of their coldness, apathy and inattention and then softly repeats his desired target of one billion dollars.

Readers must have come across many cases where poor Muslim families have been enticed to Qadianism by tempting them with cash, women, education, and medicine. If one family can be bought over of its faith, by say Rs.10,000/- how many indigent families must have been filched of their faith by this huge sum of six million dollars!

Shame upon shame …. Muslims are becoming Kafirs on funds provided by Muslims! And what more! Muslim tongues are rolling out praises of Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani!

Advantaged to Qadianis by Establishing a Science Foundation

Before enumerating these advantages, it is necessary to lay out two noteworthy points which shall open the eyes of those Muslims who are not aware of the ingrained enmity of Qadiani religion towards Islam.

Qadianis Spies of Hostile Powers

In the tradition of their sire, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, Qadianis keep secret watch over Muslims on behalf of hostile powers and act as their mercenaries.

Muslims are generally unaware of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani’s treachery against Islam when he carried out espionage against Muslims to serve his British masters. This man secretly transmitted to British Government particulars embodying political secrets against those freedom loving Muslims who burned with the desire of emancipation of their homeland from the clutches of Britain.

From the second volume (pp.227-228) of the Collection of Notifications published by Qadianis from their Rabwah Center, the text of Notification No. 145 reads:

“For Attention of the Government from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Qadian, Superintendent of Proceedings for Proposal of Observing Holiday on Friday.

‘WHEREAS, it is expedient to make a list of names of such stupid Muslims who consider British India a country of enemies of Islam against whom Islamic Shariat enjoins war and therefore such rebellious Muslims hide mutiny in their hearts;

‘WHEREAS, they deny the obligatory nature of Friday due to the sickness of their soul and avoid observing holiday on that day;

‘WHEREAS, it is proposed to lay out a format, specimen below, in which names of such ungrateful persons should be preserved for all times; although by good luck of British India such Muslim mutineers as are hiding rebellion in their hearts are few;

‘WHEREAS, it is a most opportune time to identify such insurgents as are having secret designs against the Government;

‘WHEREAS, we are moved by the political well-wishing of our generous Government to make a list of names of these wicked men who by their beliefs prove their seditious nature; and

“WHEREAS, it is easy to identify such persons on the occasion of observing Fridays as holidays; such a person who through his ignorance and stupidity regards British India as Darul Harab will certainly object to observing Friday as a holiday;

‘WE RESOLVE, to inform the Government, in all our humility, that such lists of names shall remain in our custody as “Political Secrets” till such time that the Government demands it from us. We fully trust that our sagacious Government shall keep these statements in their offices treating them as a “National Secret”. At the moment these statements are submitted without any names. Only a format is provided which obviously contains no names except the subject matter as follows:


Name with
Title and Post
Residence District Remarks

Printer: Zia-ul-Islam Qadiani
(This Notification with Format extends to four pages)


One can easily see from the above that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was collecting particulars of Muslim freedom fighters and his Qadiani team was working on it under his supervision. Lists of freedom lovers were regularly made and sent to Secret Information Department of the British Government. In this way, political secrets of Muslims were passed on to the ‘white masters� of Qadianis. Since that day to this, the Qadiani creed has been performing this abominable duty of espionage against Muslims. Their modus operandi is to mix freely with Muslims as their well-wisher then inwardly pass on their secrets to enemies of Islam and to the hostile powers.

Hostility towards Islam and hatred towards Muslim Ummah forms the bed-rock of intimate attachment between Qadianis and Jews. No religious mission of the world is permitted to propagate in Israel except the Qadiani mission which works with full cooperation and trust extended to it by its Israeli Patriarchs.

Qadianis, Traitors of Islam

Allama Dr. Iqbal, (may his soul rest in peace), wrote in a letter addressed to Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, later Prime Minister of India:

“Qadianis are traitors both of Islam and the country”.

This analysis of Allama lqbal was the sum total of his many years’ experiences. In one short sentence, he abridged the whole situation, brief and to the point. Anybody having the time at his disposal to study Qadiani mentality and having come across them in general must come to conclude that they are traitors of Islam, traitors of Muslims and traitors of Muslim countries.

Just as no Muslim could ever believe in a Jew in his sincerity for an Islamic cause, similarly no Muslim could evermore believe in a Qadiani to be a well-wisher of Islamic millat.

To continue, the advantages accruing to the Qadianis by establishing the Islamic Science Foundation are enumerated below:

Advantage No. 1

By establishment of Islamic Science Foundation the great advantage which accrued to Qadianis is that all the scientific institutes of Muslim countries, from Pakistan to Morocco, fell under the Qadiani Doctor. No Muslim secret will now remain secret. Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani will follow the ‘Sunnat’ of his sire, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, and shall easily pass on reports of Muslim Countries and their atomic technological progress to enemies of Islam and in the tradition of his Sire, he will have no difficulty in spying over the Muslim countries.

Advantage No. 2

By establishment of Islamic Science Foundation, Qadianis posing as Muslims shall hold high and sensitive appointments in Muslim countries, including Pakistan and Arab countries.

To give an. instance, when some Islamic countries attempted to improve on their atomic know-how for peaceful purposes, the Western world and Zionism viewed this step with furious concern. Everyone is aware–of–Israel’s attack on Iraqi atomic installations and threats of destruction to Pakistani atomic centers. Also are known the Jewish attempts to poison the international forums against Pakistan.

For spying over scientific advancement in Islamic countries the best mode lay in having the slogan of Islamic Science Foundation raised by a man who is deceitfully a Muslim but actually an ally and confidant of Jews. Who could match Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani to raise the slogan, as after the Nobel Prize he wore the mantle of a well-wisher and hero of Islam? In this way this Qadiani Doctor assumed supreme authority over the Islamic Science Foundation.

Advantage No. 3

Another advantage that shall accrue to Dr. Abdus Salam with the establishment of the Foundation is his hobnobbing in Islamic countries’ Scientific Institutes to get young Qadianis employed there. The same situation should repeat as did at the time of Zafarullah Qadiani. As Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, he made Pakistani embassies over-flowing with Qadianis, gave them jobs and enticed the jobless Muslim youth to become converts. Apparently, Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani has taken over from Zafarullah Qadiani to sit on a high cushion provided by the Islamic nations.

Qadiani youth, henceforth, will obtain lucrative posts in Scientific Institutes in the Muslim world and poor unemployed Muslims shall be snared into Qadianism. Not only that, if any jewel of a Muslim did make a debut in science and technology it shall be easy for Dr. Abdus Salam to oust him as ‘undesirable’. Has this not actually happened in Pakistan?

It is common knowledge in Pakistan that some individuals who possessed no merit except that they were Qadianis carried on with their jobs in Scientific Institutes despite their retirement age and were provided extensions. Contrary to this, first-rate Muslim scientists were pushed into oblivion as ‘undesirable’ by Dr. Abdus Salam’s standard. Reference in this respect can be made to the weekly, ‘Chatan’, Lahore, dated 6/13 Jan. 1986, for details of these heart-rending cases.

Advantage No. 4

This Foundation shall become a vehicle for preaching Qadiani religion. How will it be done?

Mirza Nasir Ahmad, the previous head of Qadianis, in his press conference, on 14th August 1980, covered by the Irish newspaper, The Irish Sunday World in its issue of Aug. 17, 1980, declared:

“The Ahmadiya movement is making preparations to get Ireland into Muslim fold. The important pillars of this Organization are Sir Zafarullah Khan, the former Foreign Minister of Pakistan, the former President of the United Nations and the former President of the International Court of Justice, and Professor Abdus Salam who recently received �Nobel Award in Physics”. (Qadiani newspaper, ‘Al-Fazl’, Rabwah, dated Oct. 26, 1980).

Qadianis take pride in Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani that he preaches his religion wherever he goes. Mujib Asghar Qadiani writes on page 56 of his booklet, ‘Dr. Abdus Salam’:

“He placed his ‘Deen’ (of Qadianism) always above the world. He carried the message of ‘Ahmadiyat’ to world scientists and prominent people. When he went to Sweden to receive the Nobel Award he handed over to King of Sweden a copy of Holy Quran (Qadiani translation) and also English translations of Extracts of Writings of Hazrat Promised Masih (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani). Similarly he gave (Qadiani) literature to Shah Hassan in Morocco”.

Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani has set up a Scientific Institute in Italy. Through this Institute, he takes to propagation of Qadianism. This is revealed in Qadiani monthly magazine, Tehrik-e-Jadeed, Rabwah, for Oct. 1985, on page 7. It carries a tour report on Italy by the present head of the Qadianis, Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani:

“The respected sire (Mirza Tahir) was pleased to say that representatives of the Qadiani Jamaat were previously also sent to introduce the Qadiani Jamaat to (people of) Italy, but this time a meeting was arranged there through Dr. Abdus Salam which was attended by many dignitaries who had no previous introduction to Ahmadiyat. Their attendance was beyond expectations. Television representatives were also present.”

Qadianis are proclaiming that the Fifteenth Hijra shall be the century for predominance of real Islam (Qadianism) and. this will be possible through supremacy in science. The following extract, from Qadiani newspaper, ‘Al-Fazl’, Rabwah, dated Nov. 13, 1979, mentioned earlier, is repeated:

“Scientist Dr. Abdus -Salam Sahib, the dutiful glorious son of Islamic world and the devoted votary who is prepared to lay down his life for Ahmadiyat which is real Islam, has said:

‘The only way to regain the lost Islamic magnificence in scientific technology is for our Ahmadi youth to come forward to gain perfection in these fields.’

The respected Doctor Sahib said that our Organization is out to revive Islam. Therefore, we should forge ahead in scientific knowledge besides other fields and attain perfection, thereby restore the lost Islamic greatness”.


How the Qadianis are cashing in the Nobel Prize to Dr. Abdus Salam by propagating the Qadiani religion and propping up the Doctor as the noble scion of Ahmadiyat is evident from the following quotes relating to him:

  1. “The Important pillar of Ahmadiya Movement” – Mirza Nasir Ahmad, Previous Head of Qadianis.
  2. “Meeting arranged in Italy through Abdus Salam for Ahmadiyat’ – Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Present Head.
  3. “Abdus Salam carried the message of Ahmadiyat to world scientists” – Mujeeb Asghar.
  4. “Abdus Salam gave Qadiani literature to Shah Hassan of Morocco” – Mujeeb Asghar.
  5. ‘Abdus Salam – Devoted votary to lay down his life for Ahmadiyat” – ‘Al-Fazl’.
  6. “Our Ahmadi youth to come forward: only way” – Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani.

In the light of the above, are any more proofs needed to prove the knavery? Is there any doubt left that funds which Islamic countries have provided or are going to provide in the future on Dr. Abdus Salam’s call, will not be spent on propagation of Qadianism? Is it not his cardinal motive to preach Qadianism on Arab money? Will not Muslim young men be injected with a Qadiani injection?

Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani and Pakistan

Tolerance Thy Name Ignorance

There are many Muslims in Pakistan who believe in toleration towards Qadianis and a show of broad-mindedness for Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani. Their reasoning is that he is a Pakistani after all and his religious beliefs should be ignored because as a recipient of Nobel Award he brought honor to Pakistan and Pakistanis.

In pursuance of this logic, a renowned political figure of Pakistan expressed his views in a column of Daily Newspaper ‘Jung’, on May 14, 1981, under caption �Mushahidat’. He wrote:

“Nobel Award recipient, Pakistani Scientist, Dr. Abdus Salam also happened to be in Amman those days. On a breakfast invitation, once we came across each other. I had had occasions to hear him earlier in Cabinet meetings while presenting his case.

At that time, he was working for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. An extremely competent and learned person, he is well-mannered and complaisant. Let whatever be his track, but by Pakistani affinity we should obviously be pleased at the worldwide recognition he received for his scientific prowess. Knowledge is knowledge. Neither can it be struck with the stamp of any religious dogma nor by its source whether Eastern or Western. Knowledge is a common heritage, shared by entire humanity like air and light of the cosmos.”

Letter of a Simpleton

A letter was published on page 4, in the Qadiani weekly, ‘Lahore,’ dated Nov. 11, 1979. The writer calls himself a simple Muslim but has given evidence of. being a simpleton. An extract of his letter is translated below:

“Pakistan’s Dignity Rolled into Dust by Illiterate Maulvis Hostile to Science.

Dr. Abdus Salam’s sentimental attachment to any dogma is none of my concern. What I say is only this much that he got a Nobel Prize in Physics and as a result bestowed honor upon Pakistan on international level. President Zia ul Haq sent him a congratulatory message. Our radio and television mentioned him frequently that he is the first Muslim to have received an international compliment.

What pains me is this: Who has instigated the imams of official mosques that they are putting Pakistan into disgrace by throwing mud on Dr. Abdus Salam’s personality, although they are on government pay-roll.

On the occasion of Eid ul Azha, the Pesh-Imam of Islamabad’s central mosque, popularly known as ‘Lal Masjid’, which is under the management of Ministry of Religious Affairs, passed indecent remarks against the person of Dr. Abdus Salam in ‘his pre-prayer speech�. How were his comments related to Sunnat-e-Ibrahim? What virtue was rewarded to his listeners? I do not know.

The Pesh-Imam (probably his name is Maulana Abdullah) said in his rhetoric zeal….. Because Abdus Salam is Mirzai Qadiani, he is Kafir. He has been given Nobel Award only because he has smuggled some important secrets of Pakistan to Jews.

It is now up to the Government to inquire from this employee of Grade 17 as to wherefrom he got this information that Dr. Abdus Salam got Nobel Prize in lieu of his having smuggled national secrets.

Shocking, that illiterate Maulvis are rolling Pakistan’s dignity into dust in their hostility towards scientific technology, while, standing on prophetic pulpit. They get away with it and are not taken to task.

After all, there was a sizable number of members of foreign missions and diplomats present in that congregation.

If this religious decree of Maulvis that Dr. Abdus Salam is a Kafir is accepted, even then the Moulvis should realize that that kafir is a Pakistani, first and last, and his honor is Pakistan’s honor”.

Dismissal Orders

No doubt Dr. Abdus Salam is a Pakistani national, but what patriotic regard this son of the soil has for his homeland can be seen from the following incident:

The story goes back to days when he was Scientific Adviser to the President during the regimes of Yahya Ehan and Bhutto. No sooner did Pakistan National Assembly legally declare Qadianis as Non-Muslims in 1974, than he left Pakistan to sit in London, in protest. Then it so happened that some time later Bhutto sent him an invitation to come to Pakistan to attend a Science Conference. He spurned the invitation with undignified remarks. The weekly newspaper, ‘Chatan’, Lahore, in its issue dated 22nd June, 1986, reported the following:

“A Science Conference was going to be held in Bhutto’s times. Invitation was sent to Dr. Abdus Salam to attend. This happened after the National Assembly had constitutionally declared Qadianis as Non-Muslims. As the invitation reached Dr. Salam, he sent it back to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat with these remarks:

‘I do not want to step on this accursed country unless the Constitutional Amendment is withdrawn’.

“Bhutto, having read these remark, turned livid with rage and wrote immediately to the Secretary, Establishment Division, to remove Dr. Salam from Advisership and issue dismissal Notification forthwith. Waqar Ahmad was Secretary, Establishment Division, at that time. Instead of putting this order into action, he slipped it quietly into his personal custody. The entire proceedings stood lost. Why? Waqar Ahmad was also a Qadiani. How could he preserve such an important document on files”.

Mirza Tahir, head of Qadianis

Flees from Pakistan

In April 1984, President General Muhammad Zia ul Haq issued Prohibitory Qadiani Ordinance whereby Qadianis were prohibited from calling themselves Muslims and practicing Muslim rites. The fraud had to be stopped. Having seen the promulgation of the Ordinance, their so-called brave Khalifa of Qadianis, fled away to London, under cover of darkness of night. On reaching there, he named his residential quarters as “Islamabad”, in confrontation to Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad.

Honking from His Manger

Sitting in his counterfeit Islamabad, Mirza Tahir is now blowing bugles of war, calling Pakistan his enemy. He is advising Qadianis to ignite Pakistan’s peace into flames.

Below is quoted some rattle prattle, reproduced from a two-monthly Qadiani magazine, named ‘Mishkat’ which is printed from Qadian (India).

Under the caption, ‘Message of the Imam to the (Qadiani) Jamaat it carries a message to his followers:

Some of his diatribes are translated below:

  1. “The battle-field in which our enemy has pushed us appears to be the last ditch for him and, God willing, our enemies shall be very badly defeated”. (Page: 7)
  2. “This is the most important and decisive position of our war with the enemy”. (Page: 7)
  3. “This is that last post where the enemy has already reached”. (Page: 7)
  4. “The whole (Qadiani) Jamaat should join in this war with electric speed”. (Page: 8)
  5. “This is a bugle of war which has been brown. Its sound must be amplified and this call carried to every comer of the world”. (Page: 8)
  6. ‘And war-lords of Islamabad (Pakistan) should be driven back, helpless, by resonance of this roar”. (Page: 8)
  7. “Hence this filthy movement which is flowing from President Zia-ul-Haq’s womb he is responsible in this world and the next too on Resurrection Day; no power on earth will save him; no power of religion will rescue him; because he has attacked eminence and glory of God; because he has stormed the sanctity of sacred name of Muhammad Mustafa”. (Page 13)

The Missing ‘Predicate’

Readers should excuse Mirza Tahir for the grammatical misconstruction in the above sentence. In the heat of his emotional loquacity he forgot the rules of grammar and lost thread of the �predicate’, after starting the sentence with the ‘subject’, ‘this filthy movement,’ the predicate to this sentence is missing.

We shall now provide this missing predicate to our readers:

  1. After having been constitutionally declared as Non-Muslims, the Qadianis were restrained in April, 1984, from using the holy word of Islam anywhere in any form or calling themselves Muslims. To defeat this legal provision they inscribed Kalimah Tayyiba on their places of worship, wrote it out on houses, shops, transports and displayed it even on their chests. This Qadiani trickery which mounted to defeat of law led to an objection from the Muslims.
  2. Qadianis’ places of worship, being obvious centers of heresy and apostasy, are outright filthy. Then to wear Kalimah Tayyiba on chests, filled with anti-Islamic venom, is a disgrace of the holy Kalimah. It amounts to (Allah forbid) writing or hanging Kalimah Tayyiba on latrines. If a person is caught doing so he will be punished. To efface the letters of Kalimah Tayyiba from dunghills is no disgrace to it but a commendable act.

Ghulam Ahmad’s Claim that he is Muhammad incarnate

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani claimed to be the reincarnation of Muhammad Mustafa(SAW) and that the noble Prophet(SAW) had a second janam (birth) in the form of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad at Qadian.

In his book, Ek Ghalati Ka Izalah, (3rd Edition, Rabwah), on Page. 4, Mirza quotes the Quranic verse:

“Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are stern against the unbelievers and merciful among themselves’. (Quran, Al-Fath: 29) and says, ‘In this wahi (revelation) I have been named Muhammad and I have also been made Prophet”. Allah forbid!

As a result of this absurd claim, whenever Qadianis recite the Islamic Kalimah, they imagine, Allah forbid, Ghulam Ahmad in their minds as Rasul Allah.

The Lahori branch of Qadianis posed a question to their Headquarters:

“If Mirza was a prophet, why do you not recite his name in the Kalimah“?

Reply to this question came from Mirza Bashir Ahmad Qadiani:

“The reason why the name of Muhammad ur Rasool Allah has been included in Kalimah Tayyiba is that he is the head crown and Seal of all the prophets. By including his name, all Prophets fall into it automatically. Therefore, it is not necessary to include the names of the prophets individually. However, as a result of the birth of the promised Masih (the Qadiani Mirza) a difference has cropped up (in the meaning of the Kalimah). Before the birth of the promised Masih (the Qadiani Mirza) in the world as a prophet, the words �Muhammad ur Rasul Allah� included in their meaning only such prophets as had preceded him, but after the incarnation of the promised Masih (the Qadiani Mirza) in the world as a prophet, one more prophet has been added to the meaning of �Muhammad ur Rasul Allah�. Therefore, on account of the incarnation of the promised Masih, Allah forbid, the Kalimah does not become abolished; it rather shines more brightly. (Because Mirza Qadiani, the prophet of higher rank, has entered the meaning of Kalimah! Ha, without Mirza, this Kalimah remained meaningless, useless and false! That is why those who recite this Kalimah without including therein Mirza are ‘Kafir’, rather ‘pakka Kafir’! – Compiler). In short, the same Kalimah is (effective) even now for embracing Islam, with the only difference that the incarnation of the promised Masih (Mirza Qadiani) has added one more prophet to the meaning of �Muhammad ur Rasul Allah�. That’s all.

Moreover, even if we accept by supposing the impossible that the sacred name of the gracious Prophet(S) has been included in the sacred Kalimah because he is the last of the Prophets, even then there is no harm and we do not need a new Kalimah because the promised Masih is not a separate entity from the gracious Prophet as he (Mirza) himself says: “My being is exactly the being of �Muhammad ur Rasul Allah’, One who discriminates between me and Mustafa has neither recognized me nor seen me”. And the reason for this is Allah Almighty’s promise that He would reincarnate “Khatam un Nabieen” in this world once more as a prophet as is evident from the verse, “And others of them…” ‘Thus the promised Masih (the Mirza of Qadian) is himself Muhammad ur Rasul Allah, who has been incarnated in the world again to spread Islam. We do not, therefore, need any new Kalimah. Albeit, a new Kalimah would have been necessary, if some other person had been reincarnated instead of Muhammad ur Rasul Allah“.
(Kalimatul Fasl, page 158, by Mirza Bashir Ahmad Qadiani Review of Religions, Qadian, -April, 1915).

Qadiani Kufr

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani claimed, in total absurdity that Allah made him “Muhammad ur Rasul Allah”. And the Qadianis:

  1. hold firm belief in this ‘Kufria‘ heretic claim;
  2. include Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the meaning of Kalimah Tayyiba; and
  3. mean Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani when they say Muhammad ur Rasool Allah.

In the light of the the above Kufr, if Qadianis wear badges of Kalimah Tayyiba on their person, then anybody with a little commonsense will consider them guilty of insulting the holy Prophet himself(SAW).

Qadiani Hypocrisy

It is well-known that the holy Prophet(SAW) ordered the burning up and demolition of Mosque Zirar and turning it into a dungheap because it was constructed by the Hypocrites. If his order was correct (and it was thoroughly correct by all means), then how can the demand of Muslims to demolish places of worship of Qadiani hypocrites or convert them into dungheaps can be wrong, when these are constructed on the pattern of a Muslim mosque with Kalimah on it? However for the present our demand is that Kalimah should not be written on these ‘Zirar’ prototypes. How can this demand be deemed as unjust?

In short, the Kufr and hypocrisy of Qadianis were playing havoc in Pakistan and they had to be incapacitated to play any more frauds. They cannot insult the Kalimah any more by inscribing it on their buildings and cannot put the holy name of the Prophet(SAW) into disgrace and dishonor. Muslims, now aware of Qadianis’ profane anti-Islamic and anti-state beliefs cannot tolerate their nefarious activities. Readers may recall that Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani called the land of Pakistan as an ‘accursed country’. (Allah protect us).

Qadiani Threats

The spiritual sire of Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani, Mirza Tahir Qadiani, is sounding war trumpet and is threatening. Pakistan with warlike conditions of Afghanistan when he says:

“If oppression continues in this region, then conditions similar to those in Afghanistan can arise here too”. (Qadiani Weekly, Lahore, Page 13, Dated April 20, 1985).

Not content with this veiled threat Mirza Tahir has the audacity to invite the entire Muslim world to join hands with the Qadianis to browbeat Pakistan.

He warns:

�If you do not do so then your name will always be remembered with curses”.
(Qadiani magazine, Mishkat, Qadian, May June 1985, page 14).

Place all these facts before you and in the name of fair play do justice whether Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani’s Nobel Award can be a source of delight to you, or a pride for any Pakistani or for that matter for any Muslim anywhere in the world.

No Toleration for Conspirators

A Pakistani Organization, in one of its publications, praised Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani and took the plea that we should commend his scientific skill and ignore his faith, religion or dogmas. Having read this, a feeling Muslim could not restrain himself from writing to this organization’s head who is a well-known personality. He answered to the communication of that Muslim in these words:

“What you have written about Dr. Abdus Salam Qadiani shows an exuberance of your sentiments. Just think for a while that we should be open-hearted and tolerant being Muslims. Every day one reads of performances of foreign nationals, non-Muslim scientists and experts who are of other religions. We like their good things, appreciate the worth of their great works, take advantage from their inventions, draw inspirations and praise them for what they have done but we don’t discuss their religion as to what it is or what it was or what it should be because we have nothing to do with their religion. We are concerned only for what they have done for humanity or for human advantage. I trust you will now feel at rest”.

This point of view is positively Islamic open-heartedness. We support it from the recesses of our heart.

BUT, when that scientist and expert

  1. cuts the roots of religion of Islam;
  2. poses a threat to Islamic interests;
  3. makes his expertise a vehicle for the propagation of his sham faith;
  4. turns his skill into converting Muslims into apostates; and
  5. lures Muslim youth into his religion by offering temptations of money, marriage or employment;

THEN, our Muslim admirers while singing an eulogy for him are in duty bound to Islam to warn their Muslim brethren against the danger lurking in this erudite personality.

Dr. Abdus Salam is a Qadiani first and a scientist later. He is a zealot of Qadianism. Under the garb of his scientific performance he is a conspirator against Islam.

Does any government of the world tolerate conspiracy? Are conspirators not consigned to the gallows? When no government tolerates conspiracy against the state, how can conspiracy against Allah and His Prophet(SAW) be allowed a let-off!

Dr. Abdus Salam’s present leader, Mirza Tahir, is an enemy of Islam and is an ally of enemies of Islam. He is beating war-drum against Pakistan and cursing the whole Islamic world because they don’t support him. He is honking hoarse that Pakistan is opposing his party men. Is it Islamic open-heartedness to sing praise of such a person? Just think for a while.

Tolerance Classified into Categories

A Muslim’s heart rends at the enthusiasm of showing toleration by the above-noted class of starry-eyed tolerants who ignore the honor of Islam and concern for the millat. This class includes three categories of people:

Firstly: Those lay-men who are ignorant of Qadiani beliefs and who are sweetly indifferent to the feelings of hatred, malice and enmity which Qadianis hide in their hearts against the Muslims.

Secondly: Those educated ‘gentlemen’ who are free thinkers. They dislike restraints applied by religion. To show their disgust against religion is a fashion for them. They inhale the free air of modernism. They do not categorize people, religion-wise. A believer or a non-believer, saint or a heretic, faithful or faithless – all weigh equal in their starry eyes.

Thirdly: Those who are called lovers of religiosity. They speak on social reformation and write lengthy discourses on religious subjects, as self-proclaimed heralds of Islam. Discoursing in learned seminars is service of religion for them. They can be identified in this way that they don’t have sufficient time at their disposal due to their national and social pre-occupations to sit in company with pious and godly men. Instead of practicing religious obligations, they believe more in expediencies and prefer other obligations. In the harem of their heart, worldly prudence, in preference to transworldly thoughtfulness, is the legal tender. Very innocently they will sermonize for tolerance, human brotherhood and large-heartedness. Their sermon is not to hate any human, however repulsive he may be to Allah and His Prophet and His ‘Deen’, but to tolerate enemies of Allah, His Prophet and His ‘Deen’.

Yet this tolerance is limited to matters concerning Allah, only because no sooner are their private belongings harmed or their individual honor assailed than they would forget sermonizing tolerance for their personal enemy. Then their rake of vengeance glints and nerve of honor throbs and they will not feel at rest until their antagonist is knocked out.

These lovers of religiosity are aware of Allah’s enemies; they can identify them as they can identify members of their household. They fully know that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani called himself Prophet Muhammad and presented himself before the world as such.

This is also well within the perimeter of their knowledge that the Qadiani gang takes Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the promised Masih and the appointed Mahdi. Also they know that the Qadianis are the greatest enemy of Islam and are traitors of our holy Prophet(SAW). These tolerants cannot deny that they don’t know that the Qadianis call Pakistan ‘damned soil’. They know that the Qadianis are in league with the Jews who are conspiring internationally to destroy Pakistan.

In spite of this knowledge and these realizations this class of men sermonizes for toleration of Qadianis. History tells us that nations who are populated with such types get blotted off the map of the world sooner or later, because lack of sense of self-security, and disloyalty to the nourishing of faith lead to bondage and elimination.

Dead Father Habib ur Rahman Reborn

Certainly we are votaries to large-heartedness and tolerance, but we are not prepared to accept a fellow as our father if he comes after my father’s (Habib ur Rahman’s) death and has the cheek to tell me, “I am your dead father, Habib ur Rahman reincarnated; hence submit to me”. Shall I tolerate him? Rather I should beat the vagabond with shoes on his head!

Pros and Cons

On one hand is Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, the spiritual sire of Dr. Abdus Salam declaring “I am Muhammad”.

On the other hand are those of us who being given a Muslim name on birth sermonize to tolerate enemies of Muslims.

What face will these “Tolerant” Muslims show to their holy Prophet(SAW) on the coming Day of Congregation?

Just as Mir Jafar pushed India into the abyss of slavery by betraying Siraj ud Daulah, in the same manner, three treacherous Qadianis have been successful in undoing Pakistan to a great extent. First was Zafarullah Khan who as Pakistan’s advocate before the Radcliffe Boundary Commission lost the link to Kashmir, viz., Gurdaspur, Pathankot, to India, (simultaneously his co-religionist Qadianis were presenting a separate memorandum to the Commission as a separate entity from Muslims) and later as the first Foreign Minister of Pakistan lost the Kashmir case in spite of his tiring and hardly intelligible orations at the United Nations. Second was M. M. Ahmed, the so-called financial wizard who as Financial Adviser during Ayub and Yahya regimes played a key role in the drama of debacle of East Pakistan. And the third is our contemporary Dr. Abdus Salam who as Atomic Energy Adviser to Bhutto, by incompetence or betrayal, landed Pakistan decades behind India in atomic research; so much so, that while India exploded an atomic bomb in 1973, the world has been beguiled into accepting it as “a peaceful (!) explosion of a nuclear device” in contrast to Pakistan, whose modest nuclear program purely for generating badly needed energy has been relentlessly magnified by India as an atomic monster and gullibly accepted so by friends and foes alike the world over. We are immensely thankful to Almighty Allah for bestowing Pakistan with many scientists who excel Dr. Abdus Salam in every field; albeit the Qadiani lobby is endeavoring hard to undo their excellent performance

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