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There are one or more sayings of the Prophet Muhammad(S) transmitted by Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Ahmad in their respective collections of Hadith books regarding Al-Masih Al-Maw’oud, the Promised Messiah. Fazlul Karim, in his translation of Mishkat Al-Masabih published under the title “Al-Hadis” Vol.IV, pages 82-83, quotes four Ahadith from sound sources. Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad(S) are clear in identifying the Promised Messiah to be the great Prophet of Allah Isa(A) (Jesus) who was raised up towards Allah according to the Qur’an, Surah 4 Ayah 158. In the same Surah, Ayah 157 is clear that the Prophet Isa(A) was neither killed nor died on the cross but it appeared so to his contemporaries who claimed to have witnessed the event.

However, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani (1839-1908), the founder of the, so called, Ahmadiya Movement in Islam, commonly known among Muslims as Qadiyanism or Mirzaiyat, denied that meaning of the Qur’anic verses (referred to above) as understood by Islamic scholars for thirteen centuries. He claimed that Isa Ibn Maryam(A) travelled to Kashmir, lived for a long full life, died and was buried there. This claim of Ghulam Qadiyani goes against the record of Christians as well as Muslims.

Instead of believing as Muslims believe (see the Qur’an 2:13), Ghulam claimed that he was Maryam (Mary, mother of Jesus(A)), he became pregnant and delivered himself as Jesus and turned into the Promised Messiah. On top of this, he claimed that he was the fulfillment of the prophesies of Prophet Muhammad(S). All references to Ghulam Qadiyani’s claim and writing in this brochure are in “QADIYANIAT, AN ANALYTICAL SURVEY” by Ehsan Elahi Zaheer, published by Idara Tarjuman Al-Sunnah, Lahore, Pakistan.

Due to the lack of space, full text of Ahadith (teachings of Prophet Muhammad(S)) will not be given, instead, relevant pieces of Ahadith will be given in simple language (underlined for emphasis) and claim of Ghulam Qadiyani will be examined.

1. The Promised Messiah shall be the son of Mary and none else. Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani was not the son of Mary but son of an Indian lady whose name was not Mary but it was Chiragh Bibi. Just to fit himself into the prophesy he concocted the story that he himself was Mary, became pregnant, delivered himself and so on. He wrote, “I was made Mary. I remained Mary for two years. Then the soul of Jesus was blown into me as it was blown inside Mary. Thus I conceived metaphorically. After some months, not exceeding ten, I changed from Mary and was made Jesus. In this manner, I became ‘son of Mary'”. Another time Ghulam Qadiyani wrote, “I saw myself as if I am a woman and Allah expressed in me His reproductive power of manliness.”

2. The Promised Messiah “shall descend amidst you”. Ghulam Qadiyani himself wrote: “It occurs in Hadith that the Messiah shall descend from the sky and will be (clad) in two yellow sheets”. Ghulam Qadiyani did not descend from anywhere but appointed himself. He was born of Chiragh Bibi.

3.The Promised Messiah shall descend on the white minaret of a mosque in the eastern part of Damascus. He did two things to fit himself into this part of the prophesy. (a) He claimed that the village of Qadiyan was like Damascus and he tried to fabricate similarities between Damascus and Qadiyan. (b) He built a mosque with a minaret in Qadiyan and painted it white. He called the minaret, “Minaret of the Messiah”. However, he could not show people that he was descending from heaven on the minaret. Had there been helicopters in those days he, perhaps, would have borrowed one from the British to show himself descending on the minaret from a helicopter.

4. The Promised Messiah shall descend while clad in two yellow sheets. Ghulam Qadiyani rationalized that two yellow sheets meant two diseases. He said that he was suffering from polyuria (mituration) and giddiness of head. He boasted that he urinated 100 times a day. He also contradicted himself while saying, “It is possible that another Messiah may descend whom befit the qualities mentioned in the Hadith, manifestly.” Finally, he told the truth when he wrote, “two self-contradictory sayings can only come from a madman or from a hypocrite.”

5. The Promised Messiah shall break the cross. This prophesy was interpreted to mean that all Christians shall convert to Islam and Christianity as a separate religion shall cease to exist. Qadiyani himself wrote, “The purpose of descent of Messiah is that the theory of Trinity will be completely obliterated…” It is obvious that Christians have multiplied manyfold during the last century. Even in the District of Gordaspur the Christian population increased eight-fold between the time of Qadiyani’s claim of Messiahship and his death. Ghulam Qadiyani said to emphasize his mission of obliterating Christianity from the earth, “If I do not do for the protection of Islam what is attributed to the Promised Messiah and I die, bear witness that I am a liar.” Well! Time has given the proof of what he was.

6. The Promised Messiah shall kill the pig. This prophesy was interpreted that the eating of pig products shall cease to exist. Obviously, this prophesy was not fulfilled.

7. The Promised Messiah shall be a just ruler. A just ruler is not a subject of any people or government. Firstly, Ghulam Qadiyani was a subject of the British throne not a ruler. He boasted, “Till his death, my father remained a sincere servant of the English Government”. About himself he boasted, “I rose to the service of the English Government with my hand and pen … I have promised to God that I shall not write a book except that I shall mention in it the favours of the Imperial Government”.

Secondly, he was accused by his own followers to be an embezzler of funds of his community. He was not even a just leader of his small community.

8. The Promised Messiah shall bring all humanity under one religion, Islam, before his death. Ghulam Qadiyani himself agreed, “… during the period of the Promised Messiah the false religious communities will perish.” He further clarified at another place, “… lies will completely vanish and all religious communities except Islam will be destroyed.” A century has passed since Qadiyani’s claim of Messiahship yet the Muslims of the world remain 20 to 25 percent of the world population. If Qadiyani population only is considered (because Ghulam taught them that they are the only Muslims in the world) they are under 0.02% of the world population.

9. The Promised Messiah shall kill the Dajjal, the Deceiver, at the gate of Ludd or Lydda. Frequently Dajjal is translated as “Anti-Christ” which may not be true. In fact, in Islam, there is no concept of Anti-Christ associated with a person. Ghulam Qadiyani himself wrote, “Then, Messiah son of Mary shall move out in search of the Dajjal; he will overtake him at the gate of a town among the towns of Bait Al-Muqaddas (Jerusalem) known as Ludd and kill him.” As we know that no such person having attributes of the Dajjal has appeared, yet. Naturally, Qadiyani did not kill any Dajjal, he was never accused of killing any person nor he visited Ludd or Lydda.

10. Allah will generate so much wealth under the rule of the Promised Messiah that no beggar and no poverty will be left in the world. It is no secret that there is poverty and hunger all over the world including in the most prosperous First World of the West. Ghulam Qadiyani himself was a beggar; he wrote, “It is necessary for everyone of my followers to remit to me monthly sum of his money.” Qadiyani’s brother-in-law Mirza Sher Ali used to say, “Ghulam Ahmad is indeed, a liar and a looter; he has opened this shop to grab money from people”.

11. The Promised Messiah will establish peace on earth. The lion will graze about with a camel, the leopard with a cow, the wolf with a sheep, Children will play with snakes who will not harm them. Ghulam Qadiyani lived for almost seventeen years after the claim of his Messiahship but he did not establish peace on earth. In fact, two world wars took place and hundreds of small wars have taken lives of millions of people since the death of Qadiyani. There has been inestimable damage to the environment during periods of “peace” and also due to wars. Lions continue to eat their favorite animals and snakes continue to bite people.

12. The Promised Messiah shall perform Hajj or Umra or both. Ghulam Qadiyani was so scared of dying that he did not perform Hajj or Umra despite his claim about himself, “And God will protect you from people”.

13. The Promised Messiah shall remain on earth for forty-five years before dying. About Ghulam Qadiyani, his son Bashir Ahmad wrote, “His Holiness announced that he had been commissioned for the reformation of this Ummah in the year 1882. In the year 1889 he announced that he is the revivalist (mujaddid). He remained steadfast on this until in 1891 he announced that he is “the Promised Messiah”. From the time of his birth in 1839-40 he lived for 68-69 years, dying in 1908. The time of his claim to be a reformer was 26 years, the time of his claim to be a mujaddid was 19 years and the time of his claim to Messiahship was 17 years until his death. When is one supposed to begin counting to make 45 years of Messiahship?

14. Ghulam Qadiyani agreed with a Hadith, “Indeed the Prophet of God said that the Messiah will be buried in my grave”. Ghulam Qadiyani did not even visit the grave of the Prophet(S). He died in Lahore, his body was carried to Qadiyan where he was buried.

The above 14 points mentioned in prophesies of the Prophet Muhammad(S) regarding the Promised Messiah and their analysis in the light of Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani show that the claimant of Messiahship was a liar and an imposter. The Promised Messiah, Jesus(A) is yet to descend and he will at the time appointed by Allah Himself.

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