Certified Secure Cloud Software

Cloud software that is certified secure is becoming more important as companies shift their applications and data to the cloud. Cloud security configurations should be current for any company that handles sensitive information, or creates automated Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD), or is in compliance with strict regulations.

When selecting a cloud service, look for one that provides secure and scalable encryption, a variety of authentication methods, multi-factor identification, and granular access controls on a unified platform. It’s also important to know who is the owner of your data and what happens to it in the event that you leave or change providers. Check out the vendor’s credentials for proof of compliance.

If you’re looking to enhance your skills in this field, think about getting a cloud security certification. The CSA’s Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) is widely regarded as the gold standard for cloud security. It gives you the foundation you need to help you obtain other special certificates https://dataroomdot.org/dependence-of-investment-data-room-and-negotiations-success/ that are specific to vendors or job roles.

It is also important to invest in a solution that reliably collects logs from multiple cloud services into your SIEM. The more you have in your SIEM the more easy it will be to identify anomalies and threats that could otherwise go unnoticed. Cloud connectors, such as those provided by Exabeam let you collect logs from more than 40 cloud services, without the need to code or expensive professional service engagements.

A well-designed cloud environment provides solid security, but also offers cost-effective solutions for backup and disaster recovery and ensures the compliance of industry standards like GDPR. It also allows you to perform audits and penetration tests to ensure that your security infrastructure is up to date and identify any areas that may need attention, and set up standards for data backup and retention.

Physical security in cloud computing is measures to limit direct access to the cloud, including secure locks, uninterrupted power supply and CCTV, and monitoring of air and particle filters, and fire safety. It is crucial to examine the hardware security of the cloud provider, which includes the integrity and quality of storage media.

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