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Dear Brother or Sister,

Peace be upon you.

Praise be to Allah(SWT)Idara Dawat-O-Irshad has been incorporated in Washington DC metropolitan area, as a non-profit organization, since 1990. I would like to introduce you to one of the important objectives and activities of this organization.

In the Holy Quran, (verse 33:40), Allah(SWT) informs the humanity that Muhammad(SAW) of Arabia is the last Prophet of Allah(SWT) and that we should not be mislead by false prophets, who might appear after him. Our organization is involved with clarifying and spreading this divine and momentous message.

As you might know, recent years have seen the advent of many individuals with claims to prophethood. Among these David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Charles Manson are well known in the United States. Unfortunately, Muslim countries have not been spared of such fraudulent man-made cults — Bahais in Iran and Qadianis (Ahmadis) in India are two of the better known examples of such man-made “religions”.

Of all these newly formed cults, Qadianism (Ahmadiyyat) poses the most danger to the uninformed. This is due to the fact that the adherants of this organization appear and claim to be Muslims, at a superficial level, while they advocate beliefs contrary to the teachings of Islam. In fact, the founder of Qadianism (Ahmadiyyat) made such claims as being a second coming of the prophet Muhammad(SAW), Mahdi (guided one), the promises Messiah, a new prophet of Allah, and the Hindu Lord Krishna, and strove to deny the people of the Indian subcontinent their God given right to freedom from the oppressive rule of the British Empire and cause hatred, intollerance, and strife among the adherants of various religions. Unfortunately, since the Qadiani leadership has borrowed many Islamic terminology, concepts, and practices in its preaching, it has managed to deceive some uninformed individuals into becoming Qadiani and making financial contribution to its unIslamic agenda.

We realize that this is a very involved topic that would require hundreds of hours of research for anyone individually to conclude. Allow us only to inform you that, in 1974, after an exhaustive examination of all the evidence presented for and against the Qadiani cult in Mekkah Mukarramah, the Muslim World League (Rabita Alame Islami) — which represents all religious scholars from every Muslim country of the world — passed an unanimous resolution declaring the Qadiani Movement and its leadership out of the fold of Islam. As you are certainly aware, declaring someone a non-Muslim is a task taken very seriously by the Muslim scholars. The fact that they have unanimously declared Qadianism distinct from Islam should assure you that a thorough examination of their claims has been made.

No longer able to confuse Muslims in Islamic counties with its false propaganda, the Qadiani leadership has directed its full attention to the uninformed public in the West and Africa. The Qadiani mission is a very well organized and funded cult attempting to mislead individuals, who are unaware of their methods. They often infiltrate Muslim organizations in an attempt to confuse the Ummah and divert funds to their unIslamic causes.

Should you come in contact with a Qadiani missionary pretending to represent Islam, please inform us and we will gladly provide any interested party with proof relevant to the true Qadiani belief. Alternatively, you might visit our internet site at: to access more information.

May Allah(SWT) bless you and keep you in good spirit and health.

Ultimate success is with Allah(SWT) and may peace and blessings of Allah(SWT) be upon His last Prophet, Muhammad(SAW), his family, companions and sincere followers till the Day of Judgment.

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