The Interpretation of well-known Muslim Scholars on The Finality of
Prophethood (Khatmay-Nabuwat) (In Chronological Order)

Allama Ibn-e- Jarir Tabri (224-310 A.H.) interprets Khatam-an-Nabiyeen to mean that Muhammad(SAW) is the last prophet, the one who has closed up Prophethood or sealed it.  This seal will not be opened for anyone till the Day of Judgment.
   (Tafsir Ibn-e-Jarir, P. 12, Vol. 22, Egypt)

Mohiyyus Sunnah Baghawi (D. 510 A.H.) has written that the words Khatam-an-Nabiyeen indicate that Allah(SWT) has closed the line of Prophethood after Prophet Muhammad(SAW)…. Ibn-e-Abbas says that Allah(SWT) has declared that there is no Prophet after him(SAW).
   (Tafsir Malimut-tanzil, P. 158, Vol. 3, Egypt)

Allama Zamakhshari (467-538 A.H.) has written: “If you say how can he(SAW) be the Last Prophet when Jesus(pbuh) will come in the future ages, I will reply that he(SAW) is the Last Prophet in the sense that after him no New Prophet will come; Jesus(pbuh) is one of those Prophets who have already come before him. When Jesus(pbuh) will come again, he will follow the Sharia of Prophet Muhammad(SAW) and will face Qibla in his salat; this means that he will come as an individual of this Ummah.

Imam Razi (543-606 A.H.) is of the opinion that the words Khatam-an-Nabiyeen are used to show that the Sharia of Islam is complete.  The view that no prophet will come after Muahmmad(SAW) is also more affectionate to and particular about his(SAW) Ummah and gives the significance of the words in more details. This is like the example of a son who has no guardian after his father.
   (Tafsir-e-Kabir, P. 581, Vol. 6, Egypt)

Allama Baizavi (D. 685 A.H.) says that Prophet Muhammad(SAW) is the last of all Prophets. He has sealed the Prophethood of all Prophets, or their Prophethood has been sealed by him.  It makes no difference that Jesus(pbuh) will come again after him, because he will come as a follower of his(SAW) Sharia.
   (Tafsir-e-Bizavi, P. 196, Vol. 2, Egypt)

Allama Nasafi (D. 710 A.H.) recorded that Prophet Muhammad(SAW) is at the end of all Prophets(pbut); and after him there will be no New Prophet; and Jesus(pbuh) was made a Prophet before him(SAW); and when he comes again, he will come as a follower of the Sharia of Prophet Muhammad(SAW) as if he (Jesus) were an individual of this Ummah.
   (Tafsir-e-Madarik-ut-Tanzil, P. 234, Vol. 3, Egypt)

Allama Allauddin Khazin (D. 725 A.H.) has expressed the view that Allah(SWT) has ended the line of Prophethood through him(SAW). Therefore, neither there is Prophethood after him, nor any other Prophet during his own time.  Indeed, Ibn-e-Abbas has said that God has declared there will be no Prophet after him(SAW).
   (Tafsir-e-Khazin, P. 218, Vol. 5, Egypt)

Allama Ibn-e-Kaseer (D. 774 A.H.) has written that Khatam-an-Nabiyeen contains the final proof of the fact that there will be no Prophet after him(SAW); neither will there be a Prophet with Sharia, since the office of prophethood with Sharia is higher than that of mere Prophethood.
   (Tafsir-Ibn-e-Kaseer, P. 493, Vol. 3, Egypt)

“This is the greatest favour of Allah Ta�aala upon this Ummah that He has perfected for them their religion. Therefore, they will not be needful of a religion other than Islaam nor of another Prophet other than their Prophet. May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. This is why Allah has made him the last and final Prophet and sent him to both the humans and the Jinns.”
   (Tafsir-Ibn-e-Kaseer, P. 482, Vol. 1)

Allama Mohammad Bin Yakoob Ferozabadi has interpreted these words to mean that Allah(SWT) has ended the line of Prophethood through him(SAW).  Therefore, after him, there will be no New Prophet.
   (Tafsir Ibn-e-Abbas, P. 262, Egypt)

Allama Moinuddin Bin Safiuddin (D. 889 A.H.) has written that the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) is the last of all Prophets and Jesus(pbuh) will come again as a follower of his Sharia.
   (Jaame-ul-Bayan, P. 359, Dehli)

Allama Suyuti (D. 911 A.H.) says that the words Khatam-an-Nabiyeen mean there will be no New Prophet after him(SAW) and when Jesus(pbuh) will come again, he will act according to the Sharia of Prophet Muhammad(SAW).
   (Jalalaim Ala Hamish Jamal, P. 442, Vol. 3)

Shah Mohammad Anwer Kashmiri has seen the meaning of Khatam-an-Nabiyeen to be that there will be no Prophet after him(SAW) and Jesus(pbuh) has already been made a Prophet before him(SAW).
  (Mushkilatul Quran, P. 227, Dehli)

Sheikh Ismail Haqqi (D. 1137 A.H.) has read the phrase Khatam-an-Nabiyeen with the upsound of “T” which means the instrument by which something is closed (sealed).  The meaning is that he(SAW) was the last of all Prophets by whom the office of all Prophets has been sealed.  In Persian, “Seal of Prophets” means that by him the doors of Prophethood have been sealed, and the line of Prophethood terminated once and for all.  Some other scholars have read this with a down sound of “T” which indicates he was “Khatim” in the sense of “Fa’ail”.   In Persian, it will mean the one who seals (ends) the prophets, in which case, the meaning is the same.
   (Tafsir Ruhul Bayan, P. 188, Vol. 22, Egypt)

Allama Suleman Bin Umar Bin Jama (D. 1204 A.H.) has stated that “It is in the knowledge of Allah, who has complete knowledge of all things, that there will be no Prophet after Prophet Muhammad(SAW).”
   (Al-Futuhaatul Ilahiya, P. 442, Vol. 3, Egypt)

Allama Muhammad Sharbeeni Khatib says that Prophet Muhammad(SAW) is the end of all Prophets. He(SAW) has ended the line of Prophethood, because his message is for the entire world and the Holy Quran is his miracle.  After him, then, there is no need for a new prophet….  The meaning of Khatam-an-Nabiyeen is that after Hazrat Muhammad(SAW), there will be no Prophet with New Sharia, and there will be no Prophethood after him.  The declaration that he is not the father of any man also proves that there will be no Prophets after him.
   (Tafsir Sirajul Munir, P. 252, Vol. 3, Lucknow)

Allama Shaukani (D. 1255 A.H.) has written that the majority of scholars have read the word Khatam-an-Nabiyeen with the down sound of “T”  and Asaim has read it with the up sound. The first means that he(SAW)  has sealed the Prophets meaning that he has come at the very end of them.  The other means that he is the seal of Prophets by which they have been completed and by the joining of him the group of Prophets has been decorated.
    (Tafsir-e-Fathul Qadeer, P. 275, Vol. 4, Egypt)

Allama Aaloosi (D. 1270 A.H.) writes that Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) is also Khatimul Mursaleen meaning that after his Prophethood there will be no Prophethood at all.
   (Tafsir Roohul Ma’ani, P. 23, Vol. 22)

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