The Opinion of well-known Muslim Scholars on The Finality of
Prophethood (Khatmay-Nabuwat) (In Chronological Order)

Imam Aby Hanifa (80-150 A.H.) is of the opinion that asking for the proof of prophethood from any claimant to prophethood after Prophet Muhammad(SAW) is itself Kufr (unbelief); since the Prophet(SAW) has himself said that there is no Prophet after him.
    (Manaqibul Imam-e-Azam Abi Hanifa Ahmad Bin Makki, P. 161, Vo.1, Hyderabad)

Imam Tahaavi (239-321 A.H.) has declared that Prophet Muhammad(SAW) is the Chosen Servant as well as the chosen and beloved Prophet of Allah(SWT).  He is the last of Prophets, Leader of the pious ones, Chief of the Prophets and beloved of Allah the Almighty; after him the claim of Prophethood is transgression and following of Satan.
   (Sharhut-Tahavia Fil Aqa’idatus Salfiah, P. 15, Egypt)

Allama Ibn-e-Hazam of Spain (384-456 A.H.) says that surely the line of Prophethood is finished up after Prophet Muhammad(SAW), because there is no more Revelations (Vahi) from Allah(SWT) and Allah has already declared that Prophet Muhammad(SAW) is not the father of any man among you but that he is the Prophet of Allah and the Seal of Prophets.
   (Al-Mohalli, P. 26, Vol. 1)

Imam Ghazali (450-505 A.H.) has written that the unanimous opinion of the entire Ummah is that by the Hadith “Laa-Nabi Ba’di” , the Prophet(SAW) meant that after him neither any Nabi will come nor any Rasool.  The Ummah is also unanimous on this point that there is no scope of any other meaning or exception to it.
   (Al-Iqtisaad Fil Eteqaad, Al-Matba-a-Tul Adabia, P. 114, Egypt)

Qazi Ayaz (D. 544 A.H.) is of the opinion that anyone who claims to be a Prophet (after Prophet Muhammad(SAW)) or says that he is getting Revelations from Allah(SWT) is a Kafir.
   (Shifa, P. 270, Vol. 2)

“..Similarly, anyone who claims to be a Prophet with of after our Holy Prophet(SAW) …. or claims prophethood for himself or thinks that receiving prophethood is permitted or thinks that anyone can reach the status of prophethood through the purity of heart …. Similarly, anyone who claims to receive revelations, even if he does not clearly claims prophethood, …. All such people are Kafir, because they are disbelieving the Holy Prophet(SAW) who has informed us that He(SAW) is the Final Prophet, there won’t be any Prophet after him, and that He(SAW) has been sent for the entire mankind.  The entire Ummah is united in this stance.  According to the Holy Quran, Sunnah, and Ajma’a (unanimity of Ummah), the Kufr of such persons is absolute…. Anyone who is against this consensus (jma’a) upon the Kofr of the claimant of prophethood is also a Kafir.”

Allama Shehristani (D. 544 A.H.) is of the view that if anyone says that after Prophet Muhammad(SAW) there is any Prophet to come (excepting Jesus(pbuh)), there is no doubt in his being a Kafir.
   (Al-Milal Wan Nahal, P. 249, Vol. 3)

Allama Ibne Nojeim (D. 970 A.H.) has written that anyone, who does not accept Muhammad(SAW) to be the last prophet, is not a Muslim at all.  The knowledge and acceptance of this fundamental belief of Islam is compulsory to all.
   (Al-Ashbah Wan Nazaair, Kitabus-Siyar, Babur Riwwah, P. 179)

If a man does not accept that Prophet Muhammad(SAW) is the very last prophet, he is not a Muslim; and if he says that he himself is a prophet of Allah(SWT), he should be viewed as a Kafir.
   (Fataawa-e-Alamgeeri, P. 263, Vol. 2)

If someone does not keep this belief that Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) is The Last Prophet or claims in persian that “I am a Messenger” and he means that he conveys the message (of Allah(SWT)), even then he becomes a Kafir.
   (Fatwaa-e-Alamgeeri, P. 263, Vol. 3)

Maulana Ali Qari (D. 1016 A.H.) says thgat after the Prophethood of our Prophet(SAW) claim of prophethood is Kofr.
   (Shar-he-Fiqah-e-Akbar, P. 202) 

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