Be Aware Of Qadianis’ Misinterpretation Of Quran The Universality And Sanctity Of The Quran

What Muslims Believe

Muslims believe that:

  1. The Holy Quran is literally the Word of Allah(SWT).
  2. Quran contains the final revelation for man’s guidance and salvation and no new revelation is now possible to any human being.  Therefore, Muslims reject any claim of Divine revelation by anybody.   No more Prophets or Messengers will be appointed.
  3. Quran has been revealed for all ages and for all humanity.  The message is not limited to any period of time, any specific race, or any geographic location.
  4. Reading, understanding, teaching, and obeying the Holy Quran are all acts of worship to Allah(SWT).


Throughout the history of Islam, Muslim philanthropists have made copies of the Quran available at all public places like mosques, inns, hotels, and even mausoleums.  They do so to spread the Word of Allah(SWT) and to make it easier for people to gain guidance from the book at all times.

Quran is actually the title of the book where all letters, words, and verses are edited in a specific and divine order.  Its reading, pronunciation, and interpretation cannot be changed.  A book in which the letters, words, meanings, or interpretation are tampered with ceases to be called the Holy Quran.

Therefore, it is necessary that the translation and interpretation of the Holy Quran remain the same and be in agreement with Muslim thought traced back to the Prophet(SAW).  Muslims are not permitted to read or keep copies of Quran that contain a different meaning or interpretation of its content, regardless of who produced such copies — be they Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Qadiani, or others.


A group of people, namely the Qadianis ( Ahmadiyya / Lahori ) missionaries, are very active in spreading misinterpretation of the Quranic message.  The Qadianis do so by proclaiming to be believers in Islam and Quran. However, they believe in Quran under the direction of their misguided and false prophet, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian.  Therefore, they translate and interpret the Holy Quran as told to them by Mirza Ghulam Qadiani and not in accordance to Arabic text and historical records.

Since the rise of this pretender Punjabi prophet, scholars of Islam everywhere have rejected his version of the Holy Quran.  In particular, the scholars of Pakistan have fulfilled their duty to make the public aware of this fraudulent new cult that uses a tampered translation of Quran to misguide the humanity. As a result of these scholars’ hard work, the Qadianis are prohibited by law to publish or disseminate misguided versions of the meaning of the Holy Quran in Pakistan and other Muslim nations. Now, they have diverted their efforts to the West and are actively distributing copies of the modified translation of the Holy Quran.  We have received complaints that Qadiani translation / interpretation of the Holy Quran are being donated to some schools, libraries, hotels, guest houses, etc.


It is our duty to replace such copies with authenticated copies of the Quran.  We should request the management of such public places not to accept copies of the Holy Quran unless they are authenticated by 2 or 3 responsible local Islamic organizations.

Additionally, we have noticed that some fraudulent translations have made it into the hands of the unknowing Muslims. Please check the Qurans available in your area of residence, travel, or influence.  If they show any of the following names, then press for the sake of Allah(SWT) for the immediate removal of such copies and replace them with authenticated copies that are available from Muslim centers or us.  The fraudulent names are as follows:

  • Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood Ahmad
  • Malik Ghulam Farid
  • The Late Moulvi Sher Ali
  • Muhammad Zafarullah Khan
  • Moulvi Mohammad Ali Lahori
  • Ahmaiyya Movement in Islam

Any of these copies are a deliberate attempt by the above named and misguided followers of a false prophet to distort the Message of Allah(SWT).  We would appreciate your help and input.

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